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Q: How can you put a YouTube video onto a CD?
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How do I convert a YouTube video to CD?

How do I convert a YouTube video to CD?

Can you copy a video from a video camera to a CD?

Yes, you'll have to put it onto the computer first them burn it to a cd.

How do you put songs from a CD onto an MP34 player?

You need a DVD video converter.

Is it legal to download YouTube Video onto CD?

yes, if not for money. u can try E.M. Youtube video download tool. it works perfect. It can download video from youtube , myspace, veoh, yahoo or any other video websites autoamtically. (1)download youtube video;(2)Convert the video to CD audio(.wav) or VCD/SVCD/DVD Video format(.mpg);(3)Burn the audio or VCD/SVCD to CD disc, DVD video to DVD disc;

How do you upload a video to YouTube from a video CD?

okay, go into my computer, double click the CD, and save the video/audio file. Then go to Youtube and click upload. Click browse and select the file from the CD

How do you transfer CD to YouTube?

There is a video portal that you can use to transfer from a CD to YouTube. Also, you can put the disc in your computer and open a browser for YouTube. When you click browse, you will be able to find the CD through that option. However, no more than 2 GB can be transferred at a time.

How do you put pictures onto a CD?

you glue them on the CD LOL

How do you put music from a USB onto a CD?

To put music from a USB stick onto a CD, it must first be downloaded to the computer. Then the music files can be burned (downloaded) onto a CD using the CD-ROM.

What data is often on a CD-R?

cdr can be formatted into an audio CD, data CD or video CD... its the format you choose that determines what you can put onto it. cdr can take almost anything. note, if you just drag mp3 files onto your cdr and burn, it does not make it an audio CD, but data.

How do you put my songs from my CD's onto my android?

You eat it.

How do you copy a video from youtube and copry it to a CD?

Use an online downloading tool like KeepVid to convert the desired YouTube video to a MP4. Then, drag the video file into the blank CD and burn as instructed by the software you use for the task.

How do you get the tunes on an Xbox onto a CD?

You will need to transfer them on a USB drive and put them on your computer. After that, you can burn the songs onto a CD.

Can a CD have a gamesave on it then put onto a xbox360?

No. Games are saved onto a memory card or a hard drive not the CD it self.

Can you burn on utube site?

No, you cannot burn videos from the YouTube website onto a CD. The videos you watch on YouTube are protected.

How do you get a song off YouTube onto a CD?

You buy the song and then put it onto a CD using iTunes or some other CD burning software. Necessarily you dont have to buy it. Instead download it off of youtube using this program (freeware) (freeware) See related questions for a more detailed answer. First i record a song from youtube, then i try to burn music files to CD. All these two steps can be done by one program - Streaming Music Recorder.

How do you view video footage on Taylor Swift CD?

put the CD in your computer

How do you put music from CD onto Samsung galaxy ace II?

In order to put music from a CD onto a Samsung Galaxy Ace II, you will need to download the music from the CD onto the hard drive of your computer. From there, you can transfer the music to your phone.

How do you put software onto a computer without a CD drive?

You can't put a software from a CD onto the PC if it doesn't have a CD drive. however an alternative would be to download the software from online. hope that helped :)

How CD-rw work?

CD-rw are writeable cds. You can put music or data onto them.

How do you put a music video from the computer in a CD?

How can I get a music video cd on to my computer if I'm getting a message the picture is to big

Will Cd duplicators put more than one CD onto another CD if there is room?

CD Duplicators make copies of the original cd.You put up to 700megabytes on that one.

How do you put songs onto a CD?

First off, you gotta check if you actually have a CD Rewriter.Second, you gotta check if the CD itself is rewritable.Third, get a CD Burn Software.Then put the songs on the rewritable CD.

How do you record your voice onto a CD?

Put a bank CD in your computer and get ear phones and start singing

How do you download CD's onto a sansa MP3?

You need to put the music from the CD into your computer and then sync it to your player.

How many songs can you burn onto a blank CD?

How many songs you can burn onto a blank CD depends on how much space is on the CD. On average you will be able to put around twenty songs on a blank CD.