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You can use PayPal ( Visit their website for more info.

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Where can I receive customer service for my AT&T cellular phone?

You can receive customer service for your ATT phone on either the company website or by visiting a store. A search will give you the proximity of the closest ATT store in your area, and you can always visit the website at and click on support and they will be happy to answer your question.

What are two ways one might receive help in learning how to use Windows Vista?

You can receive assistance with Windows Vista by visiting Windows website which has a help section. They also provide a customer service phone number to speak with someone live.

What can one do with Google payments?

Google payments are made from the app, or website Google Wallet. From here, one can shop online, send money, or receive payments for goods and services online.

How can one obtain Costco membership?

One can obtain a Costco membership online or by visiting them in-store at their customer service desk. One can find out more information on the memberships by visiting their website.

How would you go about contacting customer service at Amica Insurance?

You can contact customer services by emailing them, calling them, sending them a letter or visiting an office. All of this information can be found on their website.

How can one make payments for their HSBC mortgage?

You can make payments to HSBC for your mortgage very easily by visiting their official website. You can pay there with no extra charge. You can also make your payments over the phone or through the mail, although these methods may have additional surcharges.

How do you consent to receive your w2 electronically?

You can consent to receive your W2 electronically by visiting the offical IRS website. This website can also be used to learn more about income and business taxes, as well as to check the status of your tax return.

Where can travellers find reviews and photos of hotels in Spokane?

A traveller can find reviews and photos of hotels in Spokane by visiting websites that contain customer reviews of hotels such as Trip Advisor or by visiting the Expedia website.

Does U.S. Bank offer a home mortgage calculator on their website?

Yes, U.S. Bank does offer a home mortgage calculator on their website. You will be able to calculate what you can afford, what you will receive, and what your payments will be.

What should you do if did not receive the order refund from Kaymarie website and customer service do not answer the phone?

Wait if you can and i would ring again the morning after..

Where can one find more information about mercure?

One can find information about Mercure Hotels by visiting the website. One may also wish to check out customer reviews as well as the website before they make a decision.

Where can I find special dish network offers?

You can find out about dish network offers by visiting their website at You can also call their customer service number for additional details.

Where can one find reviews on Dell XP computers?

Review forums are an ideal location to search for customer feedback. This can be accomplished by visiting the main company's website. As an example, the Dell XPS 8500 has a 89% customer approval rating.

On which website can I receive an auto insurance quote for Nevada drivers?

You can receive an auto insurance quote for Nevada drivers, or any state, by visiting You can also visit for a comparison of multiple insurance companies rates!

How can SEO be used with a search engine to benefit a business?

SEO ranks your website higher on a list of results when a customer searches for your website. SEO can greatly increase the number of potential clients you receive.

How do you bill someone for visiting your website?

You can't

Where can one find a Zappos coupon code online?

According to the Zappos website, Zappos does not require online coupon or promotional codes. A customer will always receive the lowest price and highest customer service at Zappos.

Can you see the URL of who's visiting your website?

No because of the privacy policy of the website

How can someone contact PayPal support?

You can contact PayPal support by visiting the PayPal website. Once on the website, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on "Contact" to bring up the customer support portal.

How would one sign up to Yahoo receive mails?

Signing up to yahoo to receive e-mails is as easy as visiting their main website, then filling out the information required after clicking register. Once registered, the desired e-mail address you chose will be able to receive incoming mail.

What is a rick-roll'd website?

A rick-roll'd website is either a website that can hack your computer, or a website that tricked you into visiting it.

What are the Manhattan detention complex visiting hours?

go to the Department of corrections website for a list of visiting hours

What domain tells you the type of website you are visiting?


Where can one find customer satisfaction software?

There is a website called "Rate Us" that one could use as a customer satisfaction tool. On this website you will be able to gain customer insight, improve customer service, increase customer retention, and gather customer testimonials.

Where can one compare all inclusive resorts in Cancun?

There are some great resorts in Cancun. One can compare all-inclusive resorts in Cancun by visiting the TripAdvisor website. This site also has customer reviews.