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How can you reformat windows xp with the boot CD?


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okay so here are the steps on how to reformat a hard-drive with a boot CD!

first- restart your computer and go into bios(this can be accomplished by pressing f8 during the boot up process) the hot key depends on the model of your computer and that info is available online...

second-go to boot order/menu and change the order from hard-drive to the disc drive and insert your boot disk into the drive. then restart the computer and the message "press any key to boot from CD..." will appear press any key and the screen will go blue...

next- wait till the screen changes from loading files to(something along the lines of "to install (xp) press enter" along with some other options now what you want to do is press enter after you press enter a license agreement from Microsoft will come up from there press f8=agree and go to the next step

now the screen will come up to a partition menu and will ask you what you want to the partition(hardrive with all the files on it ...or empty) and select delete partition... the go to the empty partition and select create=c...

from there the computer will load up xp OS files...this process may take some time so be patient after that is finished it will promp you to restart the computer.....restart the computer and move on...

the computer will restart and boot up and start loading more OS files onto the computer...let it complete that task and then fill out the basic information...and give the key and that's it! you have completely cleaned out the computer and put a fresh copy of (xp,vist,7) on the computer! good luck!

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you have to boot from something else, whether it be a floopy disk, thumb drive, or setup cd. you can't delete files that you are currently using. if you boot into windows xp you can't delete windows xp.

Boot from the Windows XP CD and let it reformat the drive. WIndows XP cannot use the native Ubuntu filesystem, so you'll need to reformat the drive anyway and you might as well do it using the XP install disc.

You set the bios to CD boot. After that reinstall windows with a windows xp cd.

Insert the windows XP Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot the computer. Boot from the CD. Then follow the instructions.

You use a windows xp restoring CD or restoting CD from other companies such as WindowsPE, Windows XP usb edition and so.

Place your Windows XP CD in your CD-ROM and start your computer (You need your XP CD is bootable as it should be - and that you have your bios set to boot from CD)..Read More..

You cannot install Windows ME over Windows XP from within XP. If you must (for whatever reason) install Windows ME, you will need to boot from the CD.

Boot from a Windows XP installation CD, and follow insructions.

Windows XP is not downloaded. You will need to contact Compaq to order a Windows XP CD. If you find a copy of Windows XP to download, it is a boot leg copy.

Reinstall Windows XP from your CD or DVD set and reformat your hard drive. This will erase everything including the virus. Also, get a Mac.

Download and boot from the Ultimate Boot CD available from Use a disk utility to erase the partition and Windows will do the rest when you install it. thank you pretty good windows xp boot disk

Make sure the hardware is compatible with XP. Put CD on first priority in boot priority in the bios. Enter the CD and follow the instructions.

Assuming your "d drive" is a CD-ROM drive, you can boot from the Windows XP install disk. This disk contains utilities that are very easy to use that will format and prepare the drives for installation of Windows XP. If your computer doesn't boot from the CD, you'll need to go into "setup" (usually by pressing a button when the computer first starts ie "Press DEL to enter Setup"), and find an option that says "Boot Order" or "boot devices". Make sure your CD-Rom is in the list ahead of the hard drive (sometimes listed as HDD or one of the IDE).

CD to PC is easy windowsxp you having that CD and install it and after that give a password of that windowsxp

it is possible but you will have to do it with a USB. To do that is download a software called wintoflash. Then fallow the steps and you can make a bootable windows xp flash drive to format your computer with.

go to and download the Windows XP iso file and burn it to a CD or DVD dependin on what it says, then boot it to your hard drive

You just need a Windows XP installation disk and a licence key. If you have both of those just pop the disk into the CD drive and then boot from CD drive. In order to do this you can either use your BIOS's boot menu or you need to go into BIOS and then switch your boot order to your CD drive first.

i download windows xp service pack 3 and wright cd but this is not bootable, so you can help me how i can make bookable windows xp sp3 cd.

Boot from Windows XP CDSelect into boot menu "Restore Console" or smth like that copy X:\i386\ntdlr C:\copy X:\i386\ C:\Type this commands (X - is a letter of your CD/DVD drive; C - is disk where Windows XP installed):Reboot.Done.

u simply cant reformat your hard drive while running windows on that drive, what i mean is u cant reformat the hard drive if it is that verry drive that u are running at the momnet insted u need a copy of windows, put the disc in the CD drive and restart your computer. press f2 i think when it boot's to access the boot menu, boot from CD. u can delete the current partition and create a new one, also u can reformat the drive with your file system of choice, most likely ntfs. hope this helps

first go to bios,and select boot from CD ROM/DVD inset xp boot disc into CD ROM and at statup press enter.....follow the rules

You can try booting up with the windows xp install CD, or if you have installed XP and Linux on diffirent drives, you can go to the boot menu (hold F8 or F12) and choose the right one. put ur windows xp CD. restart ur system and go to the bios{u should know how} make Cd the first priority and then hard disk on 2nd priority when windows boot up from CD, read what is being shown and you will find a way to get into automated system recovery or some menu that is just black{not blue}screen and text. type CD .. just to say CD dot dot and type fixboot and follow the instructions Answer: Restart5 the computer. boot through windows xp CD. and repaire windows.

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