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How do you reformat windows xp without reboot CD?

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you have to boot from something else, whether it be a floopy disk, thumb drive, or setup cd. you can't delete files that you are currently using. if you boot into windows xp you can't delete windows xp.

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How do you remove a bogus copy of windows x p and install a window 98 original?

Insert your Windows 98 CD and reboot your computer. Begin the Windows 98 setup process. It will tell you that it does not recognize the filesystem on the hard drive, and will ask you to reformat it. Do so. It will then format the hard drive and reboot the computer. Start the setup program again, and follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows 98.

How inistal Windows xp?

Insert the windows XP Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot the computer. Boot from the CD. Then follow the instructions.

How do you master reset a PC?

If you mean to reformat the hard drive, you need to insert your copy of your operating system recovery CD and reboot the computer.

Where can you download windows 98 start boot CD?

i need to reboot my computer lost all configuration and lost CD

How can you format windows 2003 server?

Insert CD, Reboot. switch off . go home .

How do you undo ubuntu and add Windows XP?

Boot from the Windows XP CD and let it reformat the drive. WIndows XP cannot use the native Ubuntu filesystem, so you'll need to reformat the drive anyway and you might as well do it using the XP install disc.

How To format a protected CD?

its impossible once rote , rote 4ever Is the CD a CD-R or CD+R? If so, you cannot reformat it. Once the disk is finalized, it becomes "read only" and there is no way to reformat because it is a "write once" disk. Is the CD a CD-RW or CD+RW? If so, you can reformat it.

How do you clear a rewrite CD?

Reformat it.

How do you get rid of a virus when Windows xp will not start?

Reinstall Windows XP from your CD or DVD set and reformat your hard drive. This will erase everything including the virus. Also, get a Mac.

How do I Reformat a CD-rw?

I had this same problem. If you are trying to make the disk blank again, all you need to do is right click on the CD drive in windows explorer and click on erase.

How do you reformat a CD-R?

not possible

How can you reformat a gateway notebook running windows xp pro that has novell client for windows installed?

You might not need to reformat. You could try just uninstalling the Novell Client, by going to the properties of the Network adapter. If you do want / need to reformat, you should do it with the original disk that came with the computer. Sometimes the EULA key will not work with other manufacturer's CD.

Can you install Windows XP sp3 without a Windows XP CD?

You can upgrade to SP3 without a CD. You cannot install the entire system from scratch without a CD. yes. first install XP sp2 with CD, then upgrade via Internet.

How do you reboot a without the CD?

You will need to contact your computer manufacturer or Microsoft. (see related link)

How can you format your computer?

you brong the windows CD and put it in your computer and reboot.. lol thats all i know :P ENJOY!

How reformat a hdd to erase data and save OS without installation CD?

Harry Potter may be able to help...

What is a Linux CD?

It is a CD the has some form of Linux, an operating system for your computer (Microsoft Windows is an operating system). There are CDs of Linux that are just used to install Linux, or there are LiveCDs that you just put in and reboot. Linux will be running without effecting the rest of the computer.

I'm trying to reformat windows XP but the CD is screwed up want to use an older one so how can you just restart an installation?

just put the other CD in the drive, and switch off and on.

How do you reformat OS using Windows 98?

If you mean reformatting the hard drive, then go to start>shutdown>restart in DOS mode>okay. Your computer will reboot and stop just short of loading Windows. Type in "format c:" (without the quotes)and press enter. I think this will work;if it doesn't, try "fdisk" and remove the DOS partition. NOTE: Before doing either one, make sure you copy anything you want to keep onto a floppy disk or CD since this will erase all data on your hard drive. If you want to reinstall Windows put the install disk in and reboot the computer.

How do you format a hard drive in Windows 98?

You should be able to boot from the installation CD then reformat the C drive. If you can't boot from the CD, go into setup and select the boot sequence that boots from the CD first, then save the change to bios.

Computer says to reboot and insert cdrom for windows I do not have the CD any longer for my notebook laptop?

There will be a Windows label somewhere, probably on the back of the case. On it there is a Product Key. Write to Microsoft, give them the Product Key and for a small charge they should replace your Windows CD.

Is there a CD drive in the Windows 7 Asus?

Asus deliver Windows based PC's both with and without CD/DVD-Drive.

How do you reformat a CD-RW?

To reformat a CD-RW use a disk utility application, or an application like Toast. Reformatting will erase all media on the CD-RW. The CD-RW can then be re-written, or burned again with new information.

How do you re-format a used CD?

If it's a CD-R, you can't reformat it. The data is permanently burned onto it. If it's a CR-RW, it can be formatted like any other media in Windows; right click on the drive in Windows Explorer and choose format.

When you need to reformat windows xp but your computer did not come with one How do you do this with out any sort of recovery disc?

u simply cant reformat your hard drive while running windows on that drive, what i mean is u cant reformat the hard drive if it is that verry drive that u are running at the momnet insted u need a copy of windows, put the disc in the CD drive and restart your computer. press f2 i think when it boot's to access the boot menu, boot from CD. u can delete the current partition and create a new one, also u can reformat the drive with your file system of choice, most likely ntfs. hope this helps