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you have to boot from something else, whether it be a floopy disk, thumb drive, or setup cd. you can't delete files that you are currently using. if you boot into windows xp you can't delete windows xp.

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Q: How do you reformat windows xp without reboot CD?
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How inistal Windows xp?

Insert the windows XP Disc into the CD Drive, and reboot the computer. Boot from the CD. Then follow the instructions.

How do you remove a bogus copy of windows x p and install a window 98 original?

Insert your Windows 98 CD and reboot your computer. Begin the Windows 98 setup process. It will tell you that it does not recognize the filesystem on the hard drive, and will ask you to reformat it. Do so. It will then format the hard drive and reboot the computer. Start the setup program again, and follow the on-screen prompts to install Windows 98.

How do you master reset a PC?

If you mean to reformat the hard drive, you need to insert your copy of your operating system recovery CD and reboot the computer.

Where can you download windows 98 start boot CD?

i need to reboot my computer lost all configuration and lost CD

How can you format windows 2003 server?

Insert CD, Reboot. switch off . go home .

How do you clear a rewrite CD?

Reformat it.

How do you reformat a CD-R?

not possible

How do you undo ubuntu and add Windows XP?

Boot from the Windows XP CD and let it reformat the drive. WIndows XP cannot use the native Ubuntu filesystem, so you'll need to reformat the drive anyway and you might as well do it using the XP install disc.

How To format a protected CD?

its impossible once rote , rote 4ever Is the CD a CD-R or CD+R? If so, you cannot reformat it. Once the disk is finalized, it becomes "read only" and there is no way to reformat because it is a "write once" disk. Is the CD a CD-RW or CD+RW? If so, you can reformat it.

How do I Reformat a CD-rw?

I had this same problem. If you are trying to make the disk blank again, all you need to do is right click on the CD drive in windows explorer and click on erase.

How do you get rid of a virus when Windows xp will not start?

Reinstall Windows XP from your CD or DVD set and reformat your hard drive. This will erase everything including the virus. Also, get a Mac.

How do you reboot a without the CD?

You will need to contact your computer manufacturer or Microsoft. (see related link)

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