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Use a rubbing compound. This requires a lot of elbow grease or an orbital polisher.

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Q: How can you remove paint spots from your black car?
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'How can you remove yellow paint spots from your black car'?

painting it over black

How can you remove white spots on car paintwork?

take paint brush, dip in red paint, brush over white spots ;)

How can you remove water spots from the paint on your car?

white vinagar or a scratch remover wax. good example meguairs scratchx

How do you remove walnut stains from your car?

how can you remove walnut stains from your car paint with out hurting your paint on your car

How do you remove latex paint from car upholstery?

i have dried white latex paint on car seat. what do i do to remove it?

How much cost to paint a car in matte black?

how much cost to paint a car in matte black

How do you remove water spots from paint on car?

what really helps is sham-wow. or animal skin . i use it all the time. hope my tip helps.

How do you remove stains from car paint?


Does WD-40 hurt your car paint?

Supposedly it can actually be used to remove vandalism spray paint from your car without hurting the original car paint.

Is Evapo-Rust safe to use on car paint with rust spots?

Its fine

Will paint thinner hurt a car finish?

Paint thinner cannot permanently damage the paint but it may remove the wax. It can be used to remove bug splats and tar. Lacquer thinner will remove the paint and the primer.

Does silly string hurt car paint?

Yes it can if it has dried and your trying to remove it. It can damage your Clear Coat more than your actual car paint. If you remove it right away than no your car will be fine.

How do you remove water spots from a car without damaging the paint and clearcoat?

You might try disolving 3 tablespoons of baking soda in a bucket of warm water; lightly sponge on vehicle , rinse then wash. be sure to towel dry to avoid new spotting. If spots have already etched into finish this will not remove them

How to spray paint your car at home?

The following steps to paint car with Spray : a), Remove the dust with a cloth, then with a soap and water. b), with the help of a Sand Paper remove the old paint. c) Paint with the Primer with two or three coats. d) Spray with the Paint and finish them.

What will Muriatic acid do to the paint on a car?

It will remove pigeon feces

How to remove paint?

if you are trying to remove paint from the outer body of the car and you are looking to paint it. then start by sanding the outer body down to the bare metal then use your primary then first coat then second coat of paint

How do you remove unwanted paint from car body?

It will be hard to get off a car. You will have to take it in the dealership and see if they can do it.

How do you remove latex paint from the exterior of a car?

A sandblaster or sanding disc

How do you get paint off your car?

Do you know those little sand paper things you get some of those a you remove the paint that way. That is the way I seen my uncle do it and it then you'll most likely have a grey base or a different color but that is the way you remove paint from your car.

How do you remove rust off a car without stripping the paint?

stripping the paint? i do say this is a profanity! B: Ospho

What is the most expensive car paint?

The most expensive car paint is iridescent paint. This paint is very unique because in low light the paint is very dark, like black, but in high light, the paint is the color applied, and is very bright.

How do you remove scatches from car paint?

i have a scratch on my car paint how do i remove it Depending on how deep it is, a simple scratch remover /compound will work. Find it at any local hardware store.If it is actually through the paint, then more aggressive means are needed and should be done by a professional.

How do you paint rubber car mats?

I don't think you could paint them successfully. The scuffing of shoes would remove any paint very quickly.

Do you have to prime your car if you paint the car black?

You don't have to prime your car to paint it any color, but it is always better to prime before painting to give the finish coat better adhesion.

How do you remove graffiti from a car?

you can paint over it or just get a new car. you must have really bad friends! or try paint remover, nail polish remover, but be aware that you might remove some of the paint job if you have one You can use a good polishing compound and some elbow grease.