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How can you repair a leaking sunroof on a 1994 Saturn Sl2?

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I pulled my hair out on this when it happened to me, I replaced the gasket, poured draino in the gutter and finally wound up taking it to the shop where they used an air gun to blow out the gutter drains. Look at the bottom of your car about 2 inches in from the door you will see what is called the pinch weld for the uni-body. This pinch weld is where the sunroof gutters drain to, 4 total, one on each corner of the sunroof. If one of these is damaged you will have to straighten it out as best you can to allow the water to drain properly. Good luck

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How do you fix the sunroof of a 1994 VW golf?

Sunroof repair for a 1994 VW Golf depends on what the problem is. If the sunroof wont open or close, check the fuse, wiring, switch, and motor. If it has a leak, then look for the exact place of the leak to find the cause and replace the gasket.

How to stop a 1994 corvette from leaking water around windows and top.already installed new weatherstrip from gm and it is installed properly?

you can try putting silicon where it leaks i did this to my Truck with a sunroof i put silicon on the top but the con about this that i cant open the sunroof

Where is the power sunroof motor located on a 1994 Chrysler LHS?

Where is the power sunroof motor located on a 1994 Chrysler LHS

How do you remove and install a new track for the sunroof of a 1994 Infiniti J30?

Go to the J30 DIY section on There are detailled step by step instructions in doing repair work to a J30 sunroof. Warning it is labour intensive work.

How do you repair window motor on a Saturn 1994 sc1?

The motor is not worth fixing. Go to a junkyard and just get a new one

Why is your 1994 harley Davidson heritage softail carb leaking?

why can I not stop the leaking of gas from the carburater on a 1994 harley

How to open sunroof in 1994 Nissan Pathfinder?

I have a 1995 there is a latch on the side of the sunroof you pull down on it and them push toward the windshield.

How can you tell if the water pump on a 1994 Saturn is bad or if it is just the bearing?

if the bearing is noisy or the pump is leaking replace the pump.It is a job to replace but if you wanat to get a manual on your car from DISCOUNTAUTOREPAIRMANUALS.COM

When was Sega Saturn created?

Sega Saturn was created in 1994.

When was Sailor Saturn created?

Sailor Saturn was created in 1994.

1994 Isuzu trooper leaking coolant under dash?

Coolant leaking from the heater core.

Is a 1994 Saturn motor compatible with a 1999 sl1 Saturn motor?


What is the Stock rim size for a 1994 Saturn sc?

8/1 is the stock rim size for a 1994 Saturn sc

Where is the motor for 1994 saturn sunroof?

Sits an inch or two left of the control buttons. Be very carfeful when removing the overhead light cover, the plastic tabs break very easily. Headliner is attached with a bunch of hook & loop.

Why is the antifreeze leaking out in a 1994 Corsica?

First where is it leaking or do you know? just to the right and under the fill "tank".

Where would coolant be leaking from on the drivers side of a 1994 Pontiac Bonneville?

you plunem is leaking and is not chep to fix

When was Sega Saturn Magazine created?

Sega Saturn Magazine was created in 1994.

How do you repair oil filter mount gasket on 1994 jeep Cherokee?

You may want to have your repair shop take care if that for you. You need a special tool and it cost more than thr repaire itself. There is a small "O" ring that keeps the oil from leaking. I had this repair done and I was only charged for labor and an oil change.

Will a sunroof from a 1995 Ford Probe GT fit into a 1994 Ford Probe SE?

Yessir, it will.

Where is the fuse for the lighter in a 1994 Saturn?

the hood

Where is the ac fan fuse on 1994 Saturn?

the AC fan fuse and or relay should be located under the hood on the fender weld or on firewall you may have to refer to owner manaul to find out which on or get a repair manaul for a 1994 Saturn from your local auto parts store to find out which one is the correct one and how to check it to make sure it is the right one and to see if it is bad or not. repair manuals are a good thing to have will tell you step by step on how to check and fix

Is the window motor in a Saturn 4 door car riveted in?

That was the case on my 1994 Saturn SL1

Why did your 1994 Saturn Vue automatic transmission stop shifting out of first gear?

Well, to start, the Saturn Vue wasn't available in 1994, may be your issue......

1994 Ford Taurus Wagon leaking transmission fluid?

If a transmission is leaking fluid, it is likely that a seal or gasket has failed. Replace the gaskets and seals and the leaking should stop.

Oil appears to be leaking from the headgasket on your 1994 Geo Tracker is this a simple repair?

I had the same problem was not the head gasker , check the distributor to eng mount area there is a seal or gasket there known for leaking. A little high temp rtv fixed the problem...Be sure not to loose the rotor index position when reinstalling.

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