How can you replace Mazda MPV serpentine belt?

Hi, Replacing the MPV timing belt is a simple procedure. The trick is to turn back the # 1 cylinder head cam gear a few notches c/w, then install the belt over it. Reindex the timing marks for the # 1,3,5 cylinder head cam gear. Then it easily goes over the tensioner wheel. Of course, you have to pretension the belt tensioner wheel and hold it with a drill bit or similar device. Use safety glasses though !!! Don't forget to remove the dril bit, and reset the tensioner ! If you make sure the cylinder # 1 is in the compression/firing mode before dismantling, then there will be no problems. There is no need to remove the radiator. Use a regular torque wrench and a special tool or a pipe wrench to hold the crank pulley, whilst tigtening the crank nut. Rotate the engine through TDC for cyl # 1, to check for TDC compression for cyl #1. Recheck all fasteners for tigtness. It is adviseable to use loctite on all fasteners for safety. All the other covers, bolts, etc. are simple stuff. The main thing is to keep everything clean. Yes, the Mazda is a simple engine to service, but it is simple to make mistakes too. Disconnect the ignition coil and run the starter until the oil light goes off. Don't run the starter continuously, but make 2, 5 sec. starter runs, or so. Reconnect the coil and start the engine, presuming all the other fluids were replenished first. Then drive downtown and tell the Mental Health personell that you have underlying mental problems. We all do, but at least the timing is correct. Ha, ha,... Umm, the question was for the serpentine belt, not a timing belt. The 2000+ MPV does not have a timing belt. It has 2 timing chains. To change the serpentine belt, tension must be taken off the belt by swinging the tensioner arm away with a ratchet handle. There's a square hole in it just for that. Then the belt can be easily threaded off. There's a diagram somewhere like the underside of the hood or somewhere in the engine bay to show where the new belt goes. Needless to say it helps to have a friend holding the tensioner.