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Google provides an online feedback form for Google Earth users. See links in related links section below.

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Q: How can you send a letter to Google Earth?
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What are all use for the satellite dish?

to take images of the earth and send it to google earth to show us t.v shows

How are Google Earth street view photos compiled?

To compile Google Earth street view photos, Google send out vans with panoramic cameras. Because it was and is an huge task, some images are not up to date, but it is an ongoing process.

Where do you send a letter to a Movie director thanking him for an excellent movie?

ANSWER: His agent or google his home address. Worst case, you send it to the talent agency that represents him.

Why is there a 3D option for Google Maps but not Google Earth?

From Street View in Google Maps while viewing a panorama pressing the letter "t" or the number "3" enables 3D mode.This feature, however, is not yet implemented in Google Earth simply because Google decided to first implement the stereoscopic 3D feature in Google Maps presumably because there is a lot more users of Google Maps than Google Earth. With enough demand the Google Earth developers may add this to a future version of Google Earth.

How can you send mobile pictures to google?

ya i can send

What is the name of Google Earth 3D?

google earth 3d is called google earth 5.0

How do you upload models to Google Earth?

google earth

How much does it cost to send a letter from Australia to the US?

Pretty funny, because I DID Google it and ended up here. Smartass. My Google results have shown up to $1.50. >> GOOGLE IT.There you go.

Is there a UFO in Google Earth?

Yes. There Is A UFO On Google Earth.

How do you send Google location map to another person?

In Google Earth you can place a "placemarker" and save it to your hrad drive as a ".kml" "kmz" file that file can be sent by email and openen by Google Earth. You can put many placemarks with attached information in one and the same "kmz" file.

Can you send emails from yahoo to Google?

You can send emails to anyone else with an email address ... google, yahoo or whatever

How often is google earth used?

Google reported in 2011 that there were over a billion downloads of Google Earth. That includes downloads of the Google Earth desktop client, mobile apps and the Google Earth plug-in.

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