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Q: How can you send sperm from the UK to the US?
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How do you send a fax from the US to UK?


Can you send cigars from the US to the UK?


How do a send text to US from UK?

by typing in there number[:

First class stamp to UK?

From the US, it costs 94 to send a letter to the UK.

How do you send a text message to a US number with a UK number?

to text a US number form a UK phone, you simply place 001 before the mobile number and then send it.

If sperm send manully then possibilty of pregnancy?

if sperm send automatically then possiblirlty

How much postage needed to send letter to England from the US?

i send postcode of uk in kohat

How long does it take to send a parcel from the US to the UK?

About 2 weeks

What is the dialling code to send a fax to US from UK?

00 1

How much postage is need to send a letter from the US to the UK?

i have sent a letter to the UK, and it takes 2 stamps.

Can you get products from apple store us shipped to the UK?

Not directly, there are companies out there that will send you the product though. You pay them and they buy it for you and send it out.

Can you send tobbaco to UK from US?

Without it being a licenced export and import, no, as tobacco is a regulated item in the US.

How many days to send a letter from UK to US if we use UPS service?


Can sperm can be send by hand?

Of course.

How hot does it have to be for schools in the UK to be closed?

To be honest, it never really gets that hot for the schools in the UK to close. Even if it did get really hot, I doubt they would send us home as they have air conditioners and wouldn't send us home because of heat.

What numbers do I enter in front of the area code to send a fax from UK to the US?

00 1

What is rate for airmail postcard from US to UK?

The postage is $.98. You can send a letter for the same cost.

Can you send chocolates from the UK?

yes you can send chocolates from the uk. If you buy a special stamp.

How can you send medicine from US to UK?

Before finding out how to send it, I suggest finding out whether it is legal to send medicine from the US to the UK. This is because not all medicines are approved for use in all countries, and sending a banned medicine might result in arrest and prosecution. The best plan would be to speak to a qualified pharmacist in a drug store.

How long does it take to send a letter from California US to Bristol UK?

5-10 working days.

How much would it cost to send a Christmas card from the us to the UK?

Approximately 5 chickens my friend.

How much does it cost to send a 5 pound package from the us to the UK by us postal service priority mail?

it cost me 40 bucks

How much is it to send a letter from UK to Spain?

It costs 88p to send a letter by airmail from the UK to Spain.

Website where you could send free sms online?

for UK try for US / Canada try

What is the cheapest way to send my wages paid in US dollars back to my UK pounds bank account?