How can you shut off hot water in your condo?


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If you have your own water heater there should be a shut off at the heater. If not I would look under the kitchen sink. There may be shut off valves at each fixture. If there is a central water heater in the basement, there would be a shut off to each unit.

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I do not live in a condo thus I have no need to shut the main valve

the hot water valve shut off valve shuts off the hot water. The cold water valve shuts off the cold water. ;()

There should be a shut off on the cold water line at the tank. If not, you have to shut the whole house off.

Yes there is supposed to be a shut off on the cold water feed to tank. It is recommended you shut of the breaker for power or gas supply to heater first. there should not be a shut off between fixtures and hot water tank on hot side.

If the shut off valve turns but does not shut the water off, the washer in it has split and probably made it to the faucet. It was blocking part of the hole on the hot side and at some point either shifted or made it through the faucet and in in the screen in the end of the spout. Shut the main water off and replace the washer in the shut off valve.

Showers and tubs do not usually have shut off valves on the supply lines. To shut the water off you will have to shut off the main water line. There should be one on the cold water line to the water heater. This may shut both the hot and cold off or just the hot. There will be one in the main line coming into the house on the basement wall closest to the street or at the water meter.

You will get some back pressure from the water heater. It will come out of either the hot or cold. Shut the tank off if there is a shut off there.

Which water you talking about? Under the kitchen sink there should be a C/W shut off If your talking toilet there should be a shut off left hand side under the tank. Shower or bath tub possibly integral stops Main cold water shut off Normally by the house trap. Multi story building a cold water riser

It should be right above the tank on the incoming cold pipe.

Tubs usually do not have shut off valve for them. You have to shut off the main supply. Depending on how the house is plumbed, you may be able to shut the cold supply to the water heater and that will shut off both the hot and cold or the main line where it comes into the house.

If electric shut off the current to the elements, if gas shut off the gas valve. Open a hot water faucet to give it air, open the drain valve on the bottom of the heater.

If you want to shut it down completely, turn off the cold water stop going into the hot water tank. If it is an electrical tank shut the breaker off to the HWT. If it is a gas HWT, shut off the gas valve as well.

Check the shut-off valve above it. It may be turned off or plugged up.

In every home thee are a number of shut-off valves. Where the water pipe enters the house is the main shut off, usually beside the PRV, a bell shaped device for regulating the house pressure. This main cold line will then branch off to the water heater, bathrooms and kitchen. Each faucet and the water heater and the toilet will have a shut-off valve. The hot water line comes out of the top of the heater and goes to bathrooms and kitchen. Each hot faucet also has a shut-off valve under it.

Odds are that the cold water lines to the faucet you are trying to use are shut off but the hot water lines coming from the water heater are not. That is why you have hot water but no cold water.

No they don't shut off ventilated areas are good just make sure no water can get in

Shut the tank down, so that it does not fire up. Was you water shut off,due to unpaid bill. Is there a break in the water line feed to the house. Did the check valve break, did someone shut off a valve to the heater. For what ever reason, if there is no water flow to the heater, it must be turned off.

You have shut off all the water to a residence.

An isolation valve on the hot side of the domestic water system should only be installed IF there is an expansion tank on the hot water system. This is because if both the inlet and outlet of the water heater are shut off with no expansion tank, the expansion caused by the heating and cooling of the water can cause the pipes to burst. Usually there is only a shut off on the cold inlet side of the water heater. To isolate the hot side of the system you would shut off the cold inlet to the water heater and drain down the hot side. Note that if valves and seals are old and leaking, you will get cross over from the cold to the hot in some of the fixtures themselves, necessitating the need to shut off the cold and drain down the entire system.

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