Main off and still have water flowing?

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You will get some back pressure from the water heater. It will come out of either the hot or cold. Shut the tank off if there is a shut off there.
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How do you turn off the water at the street main?

At the meter there should be a shut off on the house side. May be like a regular house faucet, may be one that requires a crescent wrench to turn. This type is a quarter turn

Why is there no water flow in a radiator when cap is off?

The water does not flow through the radiator until the engine is at operating temperature. At that time the thermostat will open and allow it to flow.Sometimes you are unable

What could the the cause of water to quit flowing to washer machine it is not the inlet screens or the washer only way to get water back is to turn off at main then turn on a faucet?

This is just a guess. If only the hot or the cold stops and not both of them, it might be that the washer in the shut off valve has come off and is plugging the line. When y

Where is your main water shut off?

Most common places in a house is in the basement. Either on the wall closest to the street or in the furnace room. If on the front wall, it can be anywhere on the length of

Why is there still current flowing when a switch is off?

If everything is connected and working correctly, there shouldn't be (probably). The purpose of a switch is to interrupt current. -Is this new? Has it been wired correctly? A

No water to outside faucet - have checked for shut off valve to this faucet and removed the whole spigot assembly and still cannot get water flow?

If you have steel pipes, they can be rusted inside to the point they plug. If you took the spigot assembly off this means there was just the pipe showing. If you just took the

Does water still flow under a frozen river?

That really depends upon the river. In a large river, only the upper layer freezes and the water still flows underneath, but a smaller river might freeze completely. The tempe

Shower off water still on what you do?

Showers and tubs do not usually have shut off valves on the supply lines. To shut the water off you will have to shut off the main water line. There should be one on the cold

Is there current still flowing if breaker is off?

If everything is working as it should then no current flows when the breaker is off. This is no better example of this than there is on answers. When a do it yourselfer looks