Main off and still have water flowing?


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You will get some back pressure from the water heater. It will come out of either the hot or cold. Shut the tank off if there is a shut off there.

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You need to turn it off at the base of the sink. Or depending on the problem you may need to turn it off at the water main valve.

This is just a guess. If only the hot or the cold stops and not both of them, it might be that the washer in the shut off valve has come off and is plugging the line. When you shut off the main and then open another faucet, the back pressure in the line pushes the washer out. If this is the case, the washer should still be in the shut off valve. Turn off the main and take the stem out of the faucet. The washer should be the valve.

Showers and tubs do not usually have shut off valves on the supply lines. To shut the water off you will have to shut off the main water line. There should be one on the cold water line to the water heater. This may shut both the hot and cold off or just the hot. There will be one in the main line coming into the house on the basement wall closest to the street or at the water meter.

from the valve past, fowing in the direction of the liquid or gas. example: water supply coming from the street to your house, enters your house where your main water shut off is. then the water is distributed through your house to different fixtures. downstream of your main shut off would be everything past that valve in the direction the water is flowing, or all water lines IN your house.

After a main water valve is closed the system's PVC pipes are still full of water and will drain to the lowest sprinkler head until the system is empty.

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A small body of water set off from the main body is known as a bay.

Electricity is the flow of electrons through a conductor, such as a wire. When the power is off, the electrons are still there, they just have nothing to push then around. Think of the water pipes in your house. If you go outside and shut off the water, the water stops flowing. There is still water in the pipes, but if you turn on a faucet, no water will flow out. In a wire, the electrons are trapped in the atoms that make up the wire unless a potential difference, or voltage, exists to make them move. This voltage comes from the power generating station.

A valve that is installed in the main fire line serving a building to turn the water off that is flowing into a building in the event of a fire within a building. Most commonly found in the yard near the building and sometimes wall mounted on the building. The building is intended to shut the water off in the event of a fire and the building is not safe to enter to shut the water off at the sprinkler riser.

I would assume it is from either the rain coming down and disrupting the ground beneath the waters surface. Or from it washing mud, or dirt, off the bank into the flowing water.

By locating where the main supply comes in and looking for a shut off valve

Water will run until a valve or pump is shut off upstream from water main break.

With the water main shut of valve of course

Yes, there should be a shut off valve at the heater.

There will still be some water comming out the taps because your gyser stores a certan amount of water.

Water is coming down from upstairs or it is back pressure from the water heater. If it is the water heater, it can come out of either side of the faucet.

It varies between different crystals (as fast as I know), but feeling emotion (matching the crystal) flowing through you and into the crystal (start off by visualising the emotion as what you think represents it (example: anger as fire, calmness as water) flowing).You can use the moonlight to charge a Quartz crystal.Cleanse with pure flowing water and/or salt water before charging a crystal.

Usually clogged shower heads. Turn water off and shower off. Screw shower nozzle off by hand or with pipe wrench. Turn water and shower on with nozzle head off if water flows clean or replace nozzle. If water pressure is still too low with nozzle off check shut off valve and open valve more. Make sure main water shut off for your house is open enough to allow adequate water pressure.

Water not on at street 'city' valve, or other valves--after inside main valve--off.

When your faucets are off, the water is sitting still. As soon as you open a faucet, water starts flowing out due to the pressure created by your water pump. Whenever you turn the water faucet off, the water supply is cut at the spigot and now all that water that was moving has now stopped, suddenly. Sometimes, when the pressure is too high, it can cause what is called water hammer. Water hammer is when a faucet is turned off, a shockwave is sent through the pipes, vibrating them sometimes throughout the entire house.

Outside at the main shut off valve. Showers/Bathtubs do not normally have a shutoff valve like sinks and toilets. The main water valve for the house must be turned off.

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