How can you start things over if a girl broke up with you and says she doesn't love you anymore because you broke her heart but she did love you before?

I am sorry to say what you are going through is "wishful thinking" and she made it loud and clear she didn't love you. People can fall in love and fall out of love and that's why the divorce rate is so high. People are eager to talk themselves into loving someone (they are in love with love) and don't take the time to really get to know the inner part of that person. Often, people find later they have made a grave mistake. It takes two to love, and she's told you how she feels, so now it's time for you to move on and believe me when I say you will meet some terrific girl and glad that you walked away or you wouldn't have met such a wonderful girl in the end. Good luck Marcy ---- I disagree. It all depends on how much you love her. First, figure out if you actually love her. I'm currently in a situation a little like this. I believe we all must have hope for love. You must learn that true love never dies, ever. There is a girl I am in love with, but she currently isn't in love with me, although she was at one time. She may not want to get hurt. Nurture her feelings, care for her. Make sure she knows that you will not hurt her again. Promise her, sware to her that you will love her forever. Make sure that the words are true, otherwise, the relationship won't work out. Don't push her to fall back in love with you. Make sure she knows that you love her, whether she loves you or not. The reason the divorce rate is so high is that people are getting married at such young ages or are getting married to people they think they love, but don't. Make sure you really do love her. I figured out that I really do love a girl. I know because even after she broke my heart, my love for her grew larger and larger even as she got farther and farther from my grasp. My heart belongs to her. Make sure the girl knows that your heart belongs to her, forever. The moral of this story is that we all must have hope for our futures. We must work to get to where we want to be. If you want to be with this girl, then you must work at it. You can't just sit back and hope that everything goes as you want it to go. You must get out there and work at a relationship with her. Any good relationship starts with being friends. Start with being friends and build on that, with love and cherrishment. I don't want to be in love with anyone other than the girl I am in love with right now. God knows the past can't be changed, but our futures can... Good luck from Jonathan