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How can you stop dizziness?

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I am really sorry you are having these problems. I hope you are ok and everything is fine with baby. You need to look after yourself and not worry too much about driving or working for the time being,if you can. your blood preasure may be a little low or it may be because of the sickness. either way dont push your self too much take things easy and you will have a fantastic pregnancy. good luck sweet heart.

eating lime usually stop dizziness and laying down..but usually eatin lime stop dizziness and stomach pains. You should drink more water and maybe you're having issues with your iron, so you can take pills for that

2015-07-15 21:48:29
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Q: How can you stop dizziness?
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How to stop dizziness caused by an ear infection?

Go to the doctor

How do you re align crystals in ears to stop dizziness?

can someone answer this question

What are the causes of dizziness and how can I stop it?

The main cause of dizziness is high blood pressure. I suggest you make an appointment to see your doctor. He will test your blood pressure and if it is too high he will give you medication to correct the problem.

What safety features does the TV have to prevent nausea, dizziness, etc.?

I am afraid there are no safety features to prevent nausea and dizziness. The best advise is probably to stop watching TV if you get dizzy. I just watch 2D TV.

How do you treat dizziness?

you close your eyes and think of someone you would want to marry then open your eyes and that will stop the dizziiness

Can smoking a black and mild while pregnant cause dizziness?

Yes and stop smoking ur pregnant sheesh

What part of speech is dizziness?

The word dizziness is a noun. Dizziness is the state of being dizzy.

What are the side effects of the staph infection?

blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes blackouts, dizziness,hotflashes

How do you spell dizziness?

Dizziness is the correct spelling.

Can diabetes cause un-equilibrium?

Diabetes can cause dizziness and a feeling of unsteadiness, also a thirst that wont stop.

Why do you have dizziness when objects move in front of your eyes?

As your brain tries to compensate for the moving objrcts, when you stop, your head keeps on going

Can gout cause dizziness?

At times it can cause dizziness!

Can sinus infections cause dizziness?

Sinus infection does not cause dizziness.

What is the suffix of dizziness?

-Ness is the suffix of dizziness. -Ness means a condition of.

What is the name for dizziness?

the name for dizziness is a medical term/ condition called vertigo.

How do you use dizziness in a sentence?

After holding my breath for a while, dizziness sqept over me. :))

Could you give a sentence with dizziness?

The flashing lights caused dizziness in some of the visitors. He feel down because of the dizziness from riding the roller coaster.

Can you take Lexapro with stemetil?

I have been taking lexapro for two years and have finally decided to stop. The tapering off process has been difficult with the dizziness and pharmacist recommended stemetil and it is really helping with the dizziness and brain zaps associated with tapering off of the dreaded lexapro!!

Why are you dizzy when you lay down or get up?

dizziness can be caused by several different health problems. The most common is called Vertigo. Vertigo causes you to feel nauseous because of the dizziness. The only treatment for it, is to get your doctor to prescribe Meclizine for nausea and stay home and do not lean forward or move your head real fast. It will stop on its own. another cause of dizziness is from consuming too much alcohol.

Is dizziness normal after having hysterectomy?

is it normal to feel dizziness a couple of weeks after the hysterectomy

Why is dizziness caused?

dizziness can be caused by a sudden dip in heart rate or glucose levels.

What is dizziness and belly pain a symotom of?

Dizziness and belly pain can be caused by dehydration and anxiety.

What causes extreme dizziness and vomiting?

There are many things that could cause extreme dizziness and vomiting including the flu. Parasites can also cause extreme dizziness and vomiting.

Can clogged ears cause dizziness?

Yes, clogged ears can cause dizziness. When there is fluid trapped inside the ear, the increased pressure can cause dizziness and possibly vertigo.

Causes of dizziness?

Many health factors can contribute to dizziness. As the inner ear is directly connected with the body's proprioception, damage or inflammation of the ear can affect balance and dizziness.