How can you study the structure of vascular cambium by chromatographic techniques?

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Chromatography is a set of techniques which separate and identify chemicals. It is not a means by which you might investigate structures. Microscopes would seem a more applicable technique.
Most of the chromatographic techniques are meant to characterize and study the molecules in different states.
Most of the chromatographic techniques are meant to characterize and study the molecules in different states.
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Does vascular cambium Increase in thickness of stems over time result from the production of vascular tissue.?

yes it does the pourpose of the cambium is to thicken the plant .. I'm not sure if im right, but i think your wrong. Only woody plants have a vascular cambuim. One of the most common woody plant is a tree. If you are talking about a vascular cambium inside a tree, then no, the vascular cambuim does ( Full Answer )

What is the function of a vascular cambium?

The function of the vascular cambium is to produce secondary growth, thus the vascular cambium must be formed before secondary growth can occur

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What is Vascular cambium?

The cambium present in between xylem and phloem of a vascual bundle is known as vascular cambium.

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What is the difference between vascular cambium and cork cambium?

The vascular cambium adds to secondary xylem and secondary phloem while the cork cambium gives rise to cork and secondary cortex. The vascular cambium is a remnant of the apical meristem while the cork cambium is a true secondary meristem which develops outside the vascular tissues.

What are basic structural differences between bryophytes and vascular plants?

Bryophytes are land plants that are non-vascular plants. Most donot have special structures for the transport of water. If they docontain specialized structure for tranportation of water, they donot contain lignin, so they are not considered true vascularplants. They are mosses, hornworts, and liver ( Full Answer )

Does a leaf have vascular cambium?

Yes, some types of leaves do have vascular cambiums. It is a typeof meristem, or tissue containing embryonic cells.

What are the general structures of vascular plants?

The two general structures of vascular plants are the stem systemand the root system. The root of the plant absorbs water andnutrients while the stem produces reproductive system and leaves.

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How to do Chromatographic technique to study root stem transition?

we can do this technique by a proper method.first we have to takethe cut part of a root stem n then grind it by machine n thenspread this solution on chromatographic paper ......when the paperbecomes dry we can see the transition of different colours...

What specialized structures in vascular plants transport water and sugar?

Xylem transports water up to the leaves. Water: Is absorbed from the soil through root hair cells Is transported through the xylem vessels up the stem to theleaves. Evaporates from the leaves ( transpiration ) But the phloem transports nutrients to the leaves. Xylem consists of dead tissues, ( Full Answer )

What is the cambium ring?

the ring of activity dividing cells responsible for lateral growth in plants is called cambium ring.

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Where does vascular cambium form?

A vascular cambium may form in between xylem and phloem, then it is called intra-fasicular cambium. If it is formed inbetween two vascular bundles- it is called inter-fasicular cambium.

Do monocots have vascular cambium?

Monocot stems have most of their vascular bundles near the outside edge of ... Dicot secondary growth occurs by growth of vascular cambium, .

What does cambium do for the stem?

Cambium, in plants can be defined as layers of actively dividing cells between xylem (wood) and phloem (bast) tissues that is responsible for the secondary growth of stems and roots. Secondary growth can be defined as occurring after the first season and results in increase in thickness

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What are disadvatages of chromatograph?

chromatography has many varieties -paper chromatography, sometime complexe mixtures cant beseparated, TLC plates do not have long stationary phases -gaz chromatography: the molecule should be volatile -Chiral Chromatography can be expensive - Ion Exchange or Ion Chromatography: Turbidity should be l ( Full Answer )