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How can you sue your ex for not paying child support when he is in South Carolina and you are in Florida?

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You sue in the state you are in. You will have to pay someone to serve him or you may be able to do this by certified mail. You would need to check w/your state (Florida) to see if they allow this. In California this is perfectly acceptable. He will then have to come to Florida to appear in court. If he does not, it is pretty much a slam dunk as long as you can prove he was served and chose not to appear. Once Child Support is mandated bu the court, you can have his wages garnished. If you know where he lives (and even better, where he works) the state will take care of the garnishment and forward the monies to you each month. Hope this helps.

2006-11-15 18:28:53
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Q: How can you sue your ex for not paying child support when he is in South Carolina and you are in Florida?
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