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the make and model of the car would help in determining your problem

it is possible that this could be a problem with a switch that controls the position of a door that blends heat with cool air.aka-blend door actuator.

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Q: How can you switch the heater from cool air to hot air?
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Why does the temperature gauge act erratic goes from cold to hot quickly then drops to cool When in red there is no heat from heater When in cool there is hot air from heater?

Low coolant, check when engine is cold.

Why would heater only blow hot air when you turn the temp switch down Replaced temp switch and still does it?

A restricted/plugged heater core can do that. Try flushing the heater core.

Why wont my heater blow out hot air only cool air on my 1999 Chevy Tahoe?

if this system uses dex-cool flush the system

What is hot and cool air?

hot is hot cool air is cold

How does heat make a hot air balloon go up?

Hot air rises. By heating the cool air in the balloon using a propane heater, heats the air and makes the balloon rise

Why front heater blow half cold air and half hot air 2001 caravan?

check the antifreeze level in the radiator, when a heater blows cool/cold air there is not enough antifreeze/water in the radiator.

91 suzuki sidekick heater blows out cool air. how can I fix it the heater fan is fine but when I put it on hot it only blows cool air.?

This can happen if the water or coolant level in the radiator is low. There are other causes but this is the most common.

What would keep the heater from blowing hot air in a 2002 olds bravada?

The air doors maybe stuck. Or selector switch is not is not operating correctly.

Is the thermostat bad if the heater puts out hot air while in motion and cool air when idling?

May have an answer already, but be sure that the radiator is full of coolant.

Air conditioner is only blowing cool air but refrigerant is full of freon. Heater not blowing hot air either?

Check the temperature control cable

Why are air conditioners placed at the top?

Air conditioners are placed at the top as hot air is light it rises up. So air conditioners are placed at the top to help cool the hot air. For example: The hot air which is up becomes cool as you switch on your air conditioner. Then the cold air is heavy so it comes down and then again the hot air goes up and the same process is carried throughout.

Your heater stays on hot continuously any ideas?

replace the heater temperature switch

What would cause the heater to blow only cool to warm air not hot air in a 2004 Chevy Impala?

It could be that you need coolant or it's low.

1996 Lincoln town car climate control is blowing only hot air will not cool down when you put it to a lower temp what is going on?

either your temperature contol switch is faulty or the heater thermostat is faulty you can also check the blend air door switch it might not be switching from heat to cold air

Does dense air move from hot air to cool air?

No. Dense air is cool air.

Why do you use hot air for hot air balloon instead of cool air?

Hot air rises.

Why would a Rover414 heater suddenly start only blowing out cold air when the switch is on warm?

just had an rac bloke come check my car which was actually overheting,but also suffering from no hot air coming through the heater when switched to hot. he found it to be the thermostat.

Chevy impala air condition problemsIt blows warm airI recharged it with a dye but cant find a leak.Took it in twice was low on refrigerant they recharged it but same problem.?

Your probles lies in either the heater switch,to command the selinoid to shut down the valve for the hot coolent,or the selinoid its self.Some where along the line the valve that shuts down in the heater line,to stop the hot coolent from entering the heater core is not closing.May be the shut off valve it's self . As you say..Air is on ,and i still get hot air. so heater switch ,(from hot to cold),selonoid,shut off valve??

Where does hot air rises and cool air falls down?

Anywhere. Hot air has less density (is "lighter") than cool air.

Why would the car heater blow but no heat only cool air?

: If you can turn on the heater but only cold air comes out you should check the blend door. It controls the door to switch from cold air to hot. It sits directly behind the heater/AC controls. It is white square plastic piece (approx 3in x 5in half inch thick and has a plastic screw rod that attaches to the heater/AC controls and they strip out. Hope this helps.

Why does the heater not switch from hot to cold on your ford escape?

Figure it out.

How does a hot air balloon use hot air to rise?

Because hot air rises and cool air sinks. the reason why is because hot air is less dense than cool air so the cooler air will sink

Why does your heater in your 1994 k1500 when in operating temperature range blow out Hot air for a couple seconds then turns cool with the fan on high?

low on anti freeze or blockage in heater coil

Heat is not coming out of 1999 Toyota Corolla?

Check that the switch that moves from cool to hot (Is like a sliding switch on a 1990 Corolla I think) is actually opening the vent that controls flow of hot air

Ac lines are all cold and sweaty but blowing only hot air inside what causes this?

I have a 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo that was doing the same thing. The problem was a faulty ac/heater switch. You put the switch on ac, compresser engages, lines get cold and frosty, but only hot air is coming out of the vents, because the switch has changed back to heater even though it shows ac. The cure is to have the center panel which contains the ac/heater switch, fan speed switch and temperature control replaced.