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If the lump is covered with scales, and the scales are a continuation of their normal scales / skin(?) then it is probably a tumor. It is easiest to check this by using a torch to directly shine light on the lump, but please don't shine it in their eyes! If it is not covered with scales, then it is likely to be an external parasite.

It is quite possible for Bettas to live a long-ish and happy life with a tumor, but sometimes the tumor affects more of their body than you can see, and they pass away.

Tumors are very common with Bettas, due to inbreeding and hormone therapy when they are young to make them grow quicker, to make more money.

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Q: How can you tell a betta fish has a tumor?
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What happens if your Betta fish has a ball on it's neck?

I'm terribly sorry to tell you this, but it might be a tumor. :( bettas live 1-2 years, so it might be getting older which causes it to get a tumor. it may not be a tumor, and not all tumors are cancer. good luck all the best, Fishlover

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