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Flirt and make eye contact,but try not to be obvious ive had experience and it all goes downhill(which is bad)if you make yourself obvious. smile a lot too.....this is good advice im a girl and girls love it when guys smile cutely it makes them feel good!

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โˆ™ 2009-03-24 02:54:16
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Q: How can you tell a cute girl you like her without actually telling her up front?
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How do you talk to a cute boy without blushing?

Well I am friends with almost all the really cute guys at my school, and I still blush in front of them cause their cute. I think you should just blush in front of them it might start something soo.... Just let your instincts take over is my advise!!

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Obviously it means that he finds you cute. Most guys don't run around telling girls how cute they are, so if he tells you that it probably means he likes you a little more.

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she probubly likes you so be carful!

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Always be there for him, if he needs someone to talk to, give him good advise and always try to make him laugh. Say cute things to him and smile when you're around him.

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itz a polite way of telling you that you look cute

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