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Talk to her. Make the first move. If you haven't already started talking to her, start now. If you just tell a girl that you like her, without ever really having any conversations with her, then she'lll just be creeped out. Ease into it, get to know her, spend time with her, then maybe during a flirty conversation, mention to her your feelings. If you do it at the right place during the right time, she'll accept it and you never know, maybe she has feelings for you too. But before you ever ask her anything about a relationship or her liking you, make sure you get some hints from her that she wants you to make a move before you totally embarass yourself and get rejected.

-always looks at you

-smiles at you when you walk by or look at her

-blushes when you say something to her

-if you flirt with her, she plays along

-she makes the point to start a random conversation with you or say hi to you

Believe me, I'm a teenage girl and the most frusterating thing to us is questioning whether or not a guy really likes you, so if she's not bold enough to make the first move, go for it! Even if she doesn't like you, everyone flirts once in a while, you'll just come across as a friendly guy.

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Q: How can you tell a girl that you like her?
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