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it is definitely a Stevens as for the exact model # it will be difficult to determine since it is very slight differences over the years manufactured.

Stevens HistorianThe person who can answer this is the Stevens Historian, Mr. John Callahan, 53 Old Quarry Road, Westfield, MA 01080. He charges $15 to research a gun.
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Q: How can you tell if a J C Higgins 101 25 is a Stevens 39A 59A 59B or 59C?
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Any information on a JC Higgins 101.25 shotgun?

Its a Stevens 39a or 59a

What years was the J Stevens Arms Co model 39A produced?

The Stevens Model 39A was produced between 1939 - 1947.

Need bolt for 101 25 Stevens 410 59a?

Gunbroker.comStevens Mod 39A / 59 A,B,C .410 shotgun bolt Auction # 147552744

Where can you get parts for a 410 Stevens Model 39A?

Numrich Gun Parts

When was the Springfield savage model 39A made?

I can say that the Savage/Stevens No 39 was made from 1938-1945.I cannot say if the model 39A is the same or not.

What caliber does a J Stevens model 39A take?

It's a .410 bore shotgun

Whats the value of a J C Higgins 410 model 10125 in excellent condition with the original shipping box?

This is actually the Stevens 39A/59A, a bolt action utility shotgun generally valued at $125 in excellent condition. You might get $150 to $200 because of the box.

Model SD14A 410 Western Field?

This is a stevens model 39A. The stevens 59A, B and C all had the takedown screw in front of the trigger guard.

What is the age and value of a J Stevens Arms Company Bolt Action 410 Model 39A?

The Model 39A was only manufactured from 1938 to 1945. Value is from $25 for a parts-gun to $150 for one in excellent condition.

What is the age of a 410 JC Higgins Model 101.25 shotgun?

1950's. correction: Sears sold this model, [actually stevens/savage models 39a,59a,59b,&59c], from around the early 1940's through the 1950's, and possibly into the 1960's and/or 70's.

Where can you find parts for a Stevens Bolt action 410- Models 38A and 39A?

Do a google search for "e-gunparts", they will have most parts.

What years was the model 39A produced?

If you are talking about a Marlin mod. 39A, it was manufactured from 1939 to present. If you need anymore info please feel free to email me at and I will try to help as much as possible Thanks, Rick If you are refering to a stevens/savage model 39a, They were produced between 1939 - 1947.

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