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How can you tell if a guy likes a girl?

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2011-09-22 04:10:29

Depending on the guy, he probably won't just waltz up to you and

say something like, "Hey Emma! Did you know I have a crush on


He'll probably give signs, such as:

  • Stays around you a lot
  • Tells other people he likes you
  • Acts kinda shy
  • Flirt with you
  • Asks for your number or if you want to "hang out"
  • Asks to do things with you

I am a girl and I know my friend likes someone because

  1. She keeps on staring at him
  2. Remembers what he have done since he was little
  3. Tries to find him in a crowd
  4. Tries to talk to other guys when she knows he's looking
  5. Uses hand gestures a lot and talks a bit louder that usual when

    she is near him

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