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The relationship is obviously off to a bad start which doesn't say much for the future. Time to find another person who is compatible.

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Q: How can you tell if a guy likes you if you often fight even though you were not in a relationship and he seems to take you for granted?
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If a boy likes you that means that he might want to ask you out. If you think that someone likes you, then become friends with him/her, after that, the relationship is easy. Don't get someone to ask him out for you though because he will probably interpret that to you're too afraid to ask him/her yourself; and that's not a good thing for a relationship.

How do you get your crush who likes you back ask you out even though they say they arent ready to be in a relationship?

how are you going to enter to a relationship if you're not ready yet. Think about it first, Or you may find somebody who will accept you and love you

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Its kinda easy if he says he likes and you like him back dont just jump right into the relationship he can be playing you but you gotta make sure his not let him show you how much he likes you. sometimes you gotta fight to get what you want so for him to get you let him fight for you a little if he gives up you probably wasnt really worth his time

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Ask her.

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There are many different meanings of a guy that likes you but he doesn't want to be in a relationship : 1. He doesn't want to be in a relationship because he doesn't want to ruin your friendship. 2. He's not allowed to be in a relationship. 3. He likes you as friend, sibling, etc. 4. Maybe he likes you for a reason (Like he likes you because you're beautiful, smart, etc.) or he doesn't want to be in a relationship because you are lack of something he wants. *Sorry if you're not satisfied with my answer.

If a boy play fight with you does he likes you?

Yes, it usually means he is attracted to you. OTHERS: WELL I THINK HE LIKES YOU A BOY AND I FIGHT A LOT BUT HE GETS RED WHEN WE TALKyeahhhh he soooooooo likes you go 4 it girl

There is this guy and im not sure if he likes you he talks to you a lot stares at you not bad though he laughs at your jokes a lot smells your hair odd I know and he is nice does he like me?

Umm, ya he LOVES you. Those are the signs that he likes you! You should be happy he most likely almost definitely likes you! Just to make sure though, maybe send him a note during class or something asking him if he likes you! Good Luck! ~ The Preteen Relationship Advisor

What does it mean when ex bf says he does not want to give any expectations even though he likes you?

It simply means he is not interested in a relationship at this time and does not want you to get your hopes up.

What does it mean when a man says he likes you but is not ready to be in a relationship?

it means he likes you, but hhes probably in a relationship or just got out of one and doesnt want to seem desperate.

You have a fight and he not talking to you anymore but his friend keeps asking you questions and teaseing you about him does that mean he still likes you and if so why wont he tell you?

If he is not talking to you then it sounds as though he is still upset - his friend has no bearing on your relationship. If you want to know or talk with him just simply try talking with him and then you will know. If he still seems uninterested let him be and move on.

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Why have I never been in a relationship?

Because nobody likes you.

A relationship motivated learner?

Likes to help others

What someone likes you but at the same time he doesn't?

Either he has a crush on you (likes you and wants to be your boyfriend in his head but in real life is scared or not ready for a relationship with you)and is very honest, Or he likes you as a friend and doesn't want not going out with you to ruin your relationship.

What do you do when you like a boy and he says he likes you aswell but has a girlfriend?

Wait. If he likes you, then he's not happy in that relationship, and when people aren't happy in a relationship it doesn't last. So when it ends, if he likes you he'll ask you out. Hope this helps xxx

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He likes like a friend and maybe likes you as a girlfriend at first but maybe he came out of a bad relationship wait for about 1 month if you can and maybe your just not pretty enough I know I just haven't been said no from a boy though in my whole life I had about 30 boyfriends