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I never could understand why sex has to be the main course in a relationship (sort of miss the fun of the chase.) It's like having dessert before the entree appears. A couple should get to know each other a little before engaging in sex. If the guy keeps putting the pressure on and making you feel guilty or pressured kick him to the curb. Good guys will wait! Meanwhile COMMUNICATE! Tell HIM how you feel and see what he says. If he gets in a huff and walks off be thankful you're rid of him. He may surprise you and really love you.

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Does justin bieber really like selena gomez or he's just using her?

Justin really likes her.. Justin is not using her

When dating a guy how do you know that he really likes you and not using you?

you just have to trust him

Is Edge really using Vickie Guerrero?

This is a story line relationship only!!

How do you know if he really likes you and is not just using you?

Easy, just ask him to go with you to meet your parents.

How can you tell if someone really likes you or is using your friendship to make another friend jealous?

Ask them

What if really like a 38 year old guy and he really likes you is it bad if your only 18?

Basically, yes. He is more than double your age; think about whether he really likes you or is just using you because of your age and naivety.

How do you find out a girl likes you or she is using you?

whether she likes you or not...She "is" using you...

A sentence using previous?

The previous administration was quite effective.

What does rock like in harvest moon?

Rock's favorite gift is Cheese Fondue. He really likes Jewelry you find using your Hoe in the Dig-Site. He likes Fruits and Flowers.

Make a sentence using the word previous?

The previous answer on the test was "the duck."

How can you tell when guys really like you or they are just using you?

If a guy really likes you he will do almost anything to prove it to you. He will protect your honor and pride. He would even be ready to fight for you and show you that he really cares.

What don't you like about the relationship?

my boyfriend is always using character from bio shock to flirt with me and that is all he does is crazy flirts that i don't even understand. today he said, "i love you my cute little infected flower." i mean if he really likes me he would not call me an infected flower.

What does it mean when your bff asks your ex if he likes you and he says no?

Personally, I think it means that either he was using you for some reason or he realized sometime in your relationship that he no longer had feelings for you.

How do you get rid of scar tissue from a previous belly button piercing?

try using cocoa butter , its really good for marks and scars ;D

How would you describe the relationship between Heather and Melinda in the book Speak?

their relationship isn't good Heater is really using Melinda because she just wanted her to do what she wanted done for her clubs

How can you represent a proportional relationship using an equation?

You cannot represent a proportional relationship using an equation.

Guy likes you and going out with another girl?

If you are sure that he really really likes you, then he is probably going out with her to make you jealous. However, you should not try to break up his relationship by telling his girlfriend this. Though you may want to, this will hurt the girl more than you realize. She may not be able to find love for a long time due to the thought that people just like to use her. You shold confront him, when he is alone, and ask him if he is using her. If he says no quickly, then he either is using her, or cares about her more than you can imagine. Just let him know how you feel and give him his time. :)

What is Rock's favorite items on harvest moon ds cute?

Rock's favorite gift is Cheese Fondue. He really likes Jewelry you find using your Hoe to til the ground in the Dig-Site. He likes Flowers.

Your friend is using you to get closer to a boy what do you do?

Obviously, she's not really a friend. Decide if you want to confront her and possibly salvage a relationship with her or dump her.

How do you know if the person you are dating likes you?

If he asked you out, he most likely, likes you. I hope he does and is not using you or doing it as a joke. Most boys think it's funny to break a girls heart. But I hope your relationship isn't like that. I hope he likes you for who you are and you don't have to change who you are. Ask him on a scale of 1-10 how much he likes you. I used to do that when I had a boyfriend. He told me he loved me too. So, I told him I loved him too and we both meant it. When we were ready we kissed. I hope this works out for you. Try to find out what is going on in your relationship.

What are signs your boyfriend is using you for money and don't really like you?

The signs are when he always asks you for money, no matter how much the amount is, and he doesn't really care what's important to you, and the connection you have in the relationship.

How can you tell if someone really likes you or if they are using you for your money?

Depends on how frequently they ask you for money or ask you for something. If they ask alot, probably because of your money. But if they dont ask a lot then they probably really do like you.

How does a person understand the meaning of a word when using it in a sentence?

Using context and previous knowledge.

If a guy tells you he wants to talk to you when in front of his ex he seems to like you is he using you?

*-Dont Fall For That He is Using Yhu To Make His X Jealous..If He Really Likes Yhu He Would Ask Yhu Somewhere Else;;

How do you get a girl to date you even if they don't like you?

If the girl doesnt like you she is not going to go out with you and if she does go out with you without liking you, she is feeling bad for you or using you or something. And that's not what you need. You need to find someone that you like that likes you back, because if they don't like you back its not a good relationship, if you would even consider it a relationship at all. You deserve someone who likes you for who you are, and doesnt want you to be someone your not.

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