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How can you tell if marks on someone's upper thighs are track marks or from scratching itchy skin?

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Home drug test. In addition to a drug test, there are some ways you may be able to tell visually. Are the marks near major veins? Are they in a line that seems to follow the path of the vein underneath the skin? If someone is just scratching itchy skin, the lines would probably just be red, and maybe a bit raised, as if someone's dragged their fingernails across that patch of skin. Track marks on the other hand would look like little pin pricks.

2008-09-01 17:33:12
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Does scratching cause stretch marks on place such as thighs calves etc?

Yes you can get stretch marks on the breast, butt, thighs, etc. but you can easily remove by cocoa or pure olive oil. And try not to scratch you can create stretch marks.

Can scratching cause stretch marks?


What is it when your skin is itchy but there is no marks?

dry skin dunce

How do you get beauty marks?

You Dont Get Rid Of Beauty Marks. You Can Keep Scratching Them. But Then You Will Get A Scare. Just Leave Em .

Why do you have red stretch marks on your thighs?

You can get stretch marks on many parts of your body when you gain weight quickly, and your skin stretches.

Why are your breasts itchy?

You might be getting stretch marks or you might be just growing..

Does a tiger guard its territory by scratching marks on trees and bushes?

No, they do not. Instead, they attend to spread marks or urine around to mark their territory, which is similar to cats.

What causes itchy bumps all over and marks that look like hickeys?


What do you do if you want to use someones exact words?

You put their words in quotation marks.

What are the lines on your thighs?

Lines that appear on one's thighs are most likely stretch marks. Stretch marks are also called striae. They are formed when the dermis tears, often from quick growth or weight change. Other causes are pregnancy, hormones, or body building.

What could a small group of purplish-red bumps on your inner-upper thigh be?

I had red bumps on my thighs when i started gaining weight. They were really itchy. When i stopped gaining weight, I ended up with stretch marks. I think those bumps are just the skin that is stretching out.

Is there any connection between stretch marks when your having menstruation? can get stretch marks when you scratch your thighs , arms, tummy when you are having your period i am the living proof....

How do you know rabbits have flease?

you can tell that a rabbit has flees because they will be scratching themselves a lot and they may have red, irritated marks on their skin from either, the flea(s) biting them or from all the scratching.

How do you remove scuff marks from laminate floors?

When attempting to remove the scuff marks from a laminate floor, it is essential you do not make it worse by scratching the floor. A used tennis ball works very well to remove these marks.

How are pubic lice diagnosed?

Pubic lice are diagnosed by inspection, noting the presence of insects in the genital area.It is usually easier for the doctor to see marks from the patient's scratching than the bites from the lice, but pubic lice sometimes produce small bluish spots called maculae ceruleae on the patient's trunk or thighs.

What are dark red purplish marks that don't itch on your inner thighs?

Those are stretch marks probably that occur from your thighs rubbing together from walking for long periods of timeAnswerOh, are their anyways to get rid of them, I'm going to sumer camp this June and it's required to wear swimming suits when swimming and i really don't want those ugly marks on my legs then.

How would I clean marks off old steel without scratching the metal?

use 000 or 0000 steelwool with oil.............

What causes stretch marks to swell and burst as well as feel itchy all over?

As long as it is your stretch marks itching you are ok but anyone itching without stretch marks should see their doctor as it can be a sign of something serious.

What bugs cause red itchy welts on skin?

Chiggars can cause welt like marks and itch like crazy

What are a lot of red marks on your thighs and hips?

Chances Are They Are Streatch Marks Caused By Gaining Or Loosing Weight, They Are perfectly Normal For Anybody To Have At Any Age, If You Wish To Get Rid Of Them Use coco Butter Lotion.

What can you use on your thighs to rid me of stretch marks and stretching tearing skin?

well ive had stretch marks there but i used palmers cream and in months and they leave your skin feeling realy soft would recemend to any one with stretch marks anywere on ther body :)

What could red circles on back that don't hurt and not itchy be?

I'm not sure, but a bunch of these marks appeared on my father's back this morning and they have gotten darker over the course of the day. Does anyone have a clue on these marks?

Is it okay for a 14 year old girl to have stretch marks on her thighs knees and breasts if she is caramel skin tone?

Yes, it is okay for a 14 year old girl to have stretch marks on her thighs, knees, and breast area even if she has caramel skin tone. Stretch marks are normal and many people have them.

How do girls get stretch marks on their thighs?

Lack of proper exercise will do it every time! or from puberty. some girls get stretch marks while going through puberty due to fast weight gain/loss or even just growing

Is it normal for a girl to have stretchmarks?

Well yes. Either from pregnancy or simply being "large" if the skin is pulling and your scratching or something of the like, stretch marks appear!