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Standard American household Current is 220V single phase. Which comes into your house in two lines, each carrying 110/115 volts.

Stay with me...

Look at your circuit breaker box (or fuse box... whatever). There are two rows. Each is served by one of the 110/115 lines. If at least one of the circuits served by a breaker/fuse on each side is working, you've got good 220V to your house.

To test the voltage to the plug, you'll need a voltage meter or a neon tester (neon testers are very cheap, and worth having). Looking at the receptacle, you'll see two very similar plug-in parts, and one that is different. Test between each of the similar ones and the different one. If both sides show power, your line is good.

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Q: How can you tell if the 240V line in a house is bad?
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