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Before changing any gas caps. Why don't you try using a fuel injector cleaner. Get a real big / or the bigger fuel injector cleaner you can buy and pour it in on your next fill up. I bet after the next fill up or two everything will be ok. I had the same problem on mines. The only way to check, if your cap is bad go to a local state inspection shop and they will check it for you for a small feed of course.

2008-01-31 17:12:58
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What is making the engine cut off at stop lights in a 2001 ford expedition?

AutoZone will check your computer codes for FREE.

What causes the check engine light to illuminate in a 1997 Eddie Bauer Expedition?

The check engine light comes on when the main computer senses an error in something electronic such as a bad sensor or wire. The easiest way to see what it is is to go to autozone or a dealership or someone with a scan tool and have them read the codes from the vehicle. Autozone does it for free but a dealership will charge for it.

What does it mean on a 1997 KIA Sophia when the check engine light flashes?

take it to the autozone they check the engine light for free

Where is the check engine light on Ford Expedition 2002?

On a 2002 Ford Expedition : The " check engine " light is the " SERVICE ENGINE SOON " light just to the left of the fuel gauge

How to check code when check engine light comes on?

With scan tool, go to Autozone and they will do it for free.

Why Engine check light on no starting?

get a trouble code tester, autozone will check your car for free

How much does a fuel filter for a 1998 ford expedition cost?

Well, at my corner AutoZone, it's $7.09 + tax. Check at WalMart, AutoZone, Advance, Murray's, whatever...

How do you clear the service engine soon light in a 2008 Nissan altima?

if your take it to a autozone tell them you have a check engine light and they will tell you whats wrong if anything and reset it take it to autozone and tell them your check engine light is on and they should reset it

The check engine light is on my 199 Oldsmobile intrique?

take it to autozone and have it scanned

1997 Kia Sophia runs rough and check engine light flashes?

and what code does the check engine light say ? go by autozone they will check it for free and get the code.

Why does my 2000 ford expedition shut off when in drive?

Have AutoZone check for codes (FREE). It may be a bad coil pack...

What to do if your Check engine light stays on on 2004 Dodge Grand Caravan?

go to autozone to ask to check your codes

How do you check codes for check engine 2003 Malibu?

Go to "Autozone" and get them to do a readout.Find you an "Honest Mechanic" and get them to fix it,ok?

Why would your check engine light turn on in your 200 Chrysler cirrus with 5500 miles?

goto autozone and they can check it for free

Why is the 2001 Mazda 626 check engine light on?

take it to autozone; orileys and find out for free

Where can you go to have your check engine light read?

Most major part stores (Autozone, Advanced) will do it.

2000 expedition check engine light?

Auto Zone will check your engine light for free... Write down the codes and go from there.

99 ford expedition runs rough and check engine light is on?

Auto Zone will check your engine codes for FREE. Then go from there.

Does AutoZone still do free engine light check?

Yes, they still do the FREE computer check. I just called in CA and the answer was "Not in California"

What makes check engine light come on in 2006 Mazda tribute?

Go to AutoZone and ask one of the fellas to come out and "check your check engine light code". They will be able to tell you what the problem code is, as well as re-set your check engine light.

Why is check engine light on 2005 Hyundai elantra?

take it to autozone and they'll tell you fro free

Who can check the check engine light for free?

A lot of parts stores, such as Advance or Autozone, will check the codes for free. It is still up to you to diagnose the actual problem.

Why is the check engine light on in a Honda Accord?

Any one of hundreds of reasons....Take it to an auto parts store such as Autozone that will check it for free

How do you replace the dashboard lights in a 1998 Ford Expedition?

Check engine light is out

Check engine light is on what can be the problem with your 2003 ford expedition?

Auto Zone will check your engine light for FREE. They will also tell you whats wrong.