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How can you tell if you have an Engine Oil Cooler on a '93 S10 Blazer?


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April 23, 2006 11:22PM

Look and see if you find one. I just replaced the o-rings and gaskets on my 93 S10 Blazer 4WD, there is a block where the oil filter would normally go and hoses leading up to the remote oil filter location under the air filter housing, the oil filter housing has a cover on the opposite side of the hoses marked oil cooler where an oil cooler hose set would lead to an oil cooler if it had one. I suspect your blazer is like mine and doesn't have an oil cooler. The kit I had to get with the gaskets and o-rings was called an oil cooler repair kit. I have the 4.3 v6 with the cci vortec injection. I was wrong in telling you that my 93 S10 Blazer didn't have an oil cooler, I looked at it again today to help answer another question and found oil cooler lines leading from the remote oil filter housing. They go down which is why I didn't see them when I worked on the lines from the engine. there should be two oil lines running from above the oil filter to the rad, just like an a/t cooling line