Spotting While Pregnant

How can you tell if you have had a miscarriage?


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Have your doctor do an ultrasound.


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The best way to tell if your cat is having a miscarriage is to take it to the vet. They can tell you whether they were pregnant or not, or what the bleeding is from (if they are bleeding).

It can be but it's rare and time will tell.

...Oh, I'm so sorry, well tell all the family to come round to the house, or tell them to meet somewhere, and then say it's really important, and your not messing around. Then tell them about the miscarriage.

You only need a D&C after a miscarriage if there are remains left inside. The doctor will tell you that when you see him.

After a miscarriage you can tell if your pregnant again about 2-3 weeks after the previous pregnancy. Im sorry about your loss. YOu may ovulate about 2 weeks after an early miscarriage so if you have intercourse then you might have a positive test 2 weeks after that.

You should go while it's happening so they can let you know if you're in any danger.

Only if you come in after or have anything left inside.

There are many ways you can tell if you've have a miscarriage. You will definitely be able to feel something wrong.

They could be checking for any tissue that was not expelled during the miscarriage. They may be able to tell that you were pregnant depending on how long ago the miscarriage happened, and if anything was left behind.

Well, the difference is in the amount of pain you experience. Miscarriage hurts more according to all the experts in this field. Hope this helps

Depends on how early you have it. If it's late you might.

The subject is usually afraid to be pregnant or afraid to tell her parents.

You can tell your having a Miscarriage by spotting/bleeding. i had a a miscarriage on the 24 of Sept and it started out by just spotting than when i went to the hospital it got worse!! BUT in some pregnancies people spot so if you spot just go to the doctor to check it out! Some people dont even know they had a miscarriage if it happend early, like it could have happened the time your period was saposed to come! you coulda mistaked it as a period!

Yes you can. Pregnancy tests can come out positive weeks after a miscarriage. but you should still get checked by a doctor because you may have just been bleeding. you can't tell for sure if you had a miscarriage unless you see a doctor.

Sharp pains in the cervix area and a large amount of persistant blood.

testing of your blood and urine, physical exam,and ultrasound.

If you have a mammogram or see inside the stomach.

You'll probably be able to tell by how you feel.

it doesn't matter how light the lines are on the test. the test is to just see if you are pregnant or not. it does not tell if you will have a miscarriage or in the process of one.

A miscarriage means you have definitely lost the baby, there is usually lots of cramping and clots. A threatened miscarriage means just that, you are still pregnant but may miscarry in the future. Any spotting while pregnant can be called a threatened miscarriage and many women go on to have healthy babies. If you still have signs of pregnancy like swollen and sore breasts it is probably just a threatened miscarriage. Most doctors will order an ultrasound scan to tell for sure. I should think that a blood test (Quantitative HCG) would be more reliable than ultrasound. Levels are decreased in the case of miscarriage, threatened &/incomplete abortion, & if the fetus is dead.

Can you be more specific on your question? If you had a miscarriage, you had a miscarriage. There's nothing you can do.

No there is no way to see that unless they see you have scarring to something if you needed a D&C after. Then they might ask but they can't tell if that is a miscarriage.

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