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If you don't know then you don't know her very well. Don't assume all girls cheat because they don't,


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i don't think all boy cheat on their girlfriend. They are some that do but in some case they don't cheat on their girlfriend. The only guy that cheat on their girlfriends are really inmature kids.

No, you say goodbye and find yourself another girlfriend who doesn't cheat.

she's in the mode to cheat and your friends are not true friends! like seriously what kinda friend will help or join your girlfriend to cheat on you? and btw your girlfriend is not serious with you

no. usher doesn't have a girlfriend

ANSWER:When you say girlfriend, not all girlfriend do cheat. For those who do cheat, there were given some reason why they do. No one in their own right mind will just cheat because she felt like it. Talk to your girl and maybe you will find out why she is cheating on you.

With the hurt that comes with cheating you definitely do not want your girlfriend to cheat. If you are looking for a reason for her to upset you and you can leave her - just leave her.

Cheating isn't acually "bad". People just think it is. Sometimes it's not good, like when you cheat on your boyfriend/girlfriend, but if you cheat off a test then you get a good grade and that brings up your confidence and the person you cheated off now shows smartness. Pure science, my friend.

no if you do it will end bad for you

because she didnt like you

There is no such single cheat but by putting multiple cheats you can make it possible

No u shouldn't cheat on anyone. It would ruin your friendship

No.... would you want her to cheat on you?

He still has feelings for her. He knows that she will always sleep with him.

biology is cheat in gta san andreas girl friend

get another girl from a different town!

The answer is in the question, my young padawan.

no he wouldnt do that hes my hero

Smosh - 2006 How to Cheat on Your Girlfriend 7-21 was released on: USA: 25 May 2012

Putting it plain and simple you can't cheat. There aren't cheats for Mafia Wars anymore.

Ok, you don't get a guy to cheat on his current girlfriend. That's just screwed up. You get him to dump his gf first and then you can move in.

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