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Your hamster is showing that he doesn't like you at the moment. Feed your hamster through the bars of the cage with his favorite treats. bring your hamster to the vet and ask what to do to make your hamster more friendly towards you.

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Q: How can you tell if your hamster does not like you when you put your hand in the cage and it stands up on its hind legs and opens its mouth extremely wide as if ready to bite and is that normal?
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Why baby hamster lick hamster mother mouth?

because the baby hamster is looking for residue on the mothers mouth to eat :3

What happens if your hamster is bleeding when it take stuff out of its mouth?

It means your hamster put something in its pouch that caused a cut. It is probably painful for the hamster to put things in and out of the pouch. It is extremely easy for it to get infected and eventually kill your hamster. You should take it to the vet to get the proper care that it requires.

You think your hamster has food stuck under his mouth what can you do?

Hamsters tend to store food in their mouths. They like to carry and then hide it in secret places. Unless you see the hamster having trouble eating or breathing, this food in the mouth is normal. My hamster stores food in his mouth all the time so that the other hamsters don't eat it. It's perfectly natural.

Your hamster pooped in your mouth what do you do?

Spit it out.

Does a hamster come out of its mom's mouth?


What can hang out of a hamster's mouth?

It is it's baby

How do you tell if the hamster is about to bite?

it opens its mouth?..................................

What can you not feed a Syrian hamster?

hi, i have a syrian hamster of my own and have researched that you can not eed a syrian hamster: Chocolate= (unless animal hamster chocolate,sweets,crisps,biscuits nuts, (unless hamster food ) etc u can however feed it : fresh fruit - but not too much as this can make it ill =(if giving it banana - cut it up into small pieces to make it easier to transport in its mouth. hamster museli or just normal hamster food from places such as pets at home....

What is object 2 inches long?

A normal (ie not smiling) mouth.A normal (ie not smiling) mouth.A normal (ie not smiling) mouth.A normal (ie not smiling) mouth.

Did Freddie Starr eat a hamster?

its a fake they photoshock it the took a computer they took a piture of a hamster and put it by his mouth

What do you do when your hamster is choked?

it depends on what its chocked by, if its chocked by a snake then get a stick and poke it in the eye or mouth, if its chocked by another hamster then separate them if the hamster bites you grab it by the stomach

What do you do if your hamster is bleeding from the mouth?

Go to the vet. Asap. Now!

What happens when your hamster gets a big red bump in its mouth?

its infected

How do you feed your Hamster?

to feed your hamster in your hands you just hold the piece of food close to the hamsters mouth but not to close that you are touching their mouth,and they should take it, and you should always have their food bowl at least half full.

Why does my hamster stuff her food in her mouth?

A hamster has two cheek pouches inside the mouth in which to store food when out foraging. The pouches are emptied when back in the nest, and the food is stored at the back of the nest, for times when food is scarce.

Which are better regular hamster or a dwarf hamster?

Actually my friend has a Dwarf Hamster and it has never bitten anyone ever even when they shove their finger into his mouth and I did that to my regular hamster he bit me! So the correct answer is a Regular Hamster. But it is actually up to you so do not ask random people on the internet.

Can hamsters eat marshmallow?

NOOOOOOO!!! Never feed a hamster a marshmallow!!!! it gets all stuck in the mouth, they can't open their mouth, therefore they can't eat so they will die. I don't think you want a dead hamster, do you?

Thing that can store food for long time?

My hamster stores carets in its mouth

How does a hamster store food?

it has 2 pouches on either side of its mouth and the hamster will store it in there and then find somewhere quiet and empty the pouches and eat the food.

How do you make a hamster empty their mouth?

You should only do that if your hamster stored something inappropriate in its pouches. You can gently push their cheeks and the contents will start falling out.

Is it normal to have 5 cold sores on your mouth?

yes its normal

Do hamsters bleed from their mouths?

Not normally. A hamster bleeding from its mouth is either injured or ill.

What if your hamster started to bleed from the mouth and now it make noises when it breaths?

your hampster is dying.

My hamster has dried blood on its mouth and eyes won't open what is wrong with him?

It's dead.

Why can a hamster stuff so much food in its mouth?

they have pouches in their cheeks they store their food in