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How can you tell if your husband could be a pedophile?

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April 03, 2011 12:31PM

That's a difficult question to answer because most pedophiles

know how to hide their urges. In my case, my husband is indeed a

pedophile (and he later on admitted to me what he did to my eldest

daughter), and I divorced him thereafter. He has been convicted

(here in France) of sexually abusing my eldest daughter when she

was only 9 years old.

So now looking back, was there some signals that I missed? Let

me see...

He was overly close to my oldest daughter (not his daughter but

mine) when we started out. Of course, I thought that it was just

because he really cared about my daughters. So, this is not really

a good signal.

He would go araound naked in the house and not be embarassed at

all to show my girls. I think this could be a signal.

He told me that I should not allow my girls to sleep with

underwear. His reason is that it was not healthy. This I think

could be a 'signal - his out of the norm preoccupation about this

kind of thing.

He was very secretive. He passworded his access to his PC (at

home) and would not share it even though we shared finances, etc.

While on the other hand, he knew my passwords. This I think is a

good signal.

He offered marijuana to my girls when they were at the age of 14

and 16. This I think is a very strong signal perhaps of not

pedophilia but corruption of minors.

He was always bribing my eldest daughter. When my eldest

daughter became a teenager, he would tell me that he thinks that

she is becoming sexually promiscuous and that I should not allow

her to go to parties. But most times, when my eldest daughter asked

him for permission, he would say yes - making me look bad. This, as

I now look back - should have alerted me that there is something


He would make sexual jokes to my girls even when they were only

11 / 13 years of age.

He was very controlling. He wanted to know what my daughters

were telling me. This I think could be a very strong signal.

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