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How can you tell the difference between a cyst and a bad muscle knot?

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A cyst is a fluid [or pus] filled sack that is round, has a well-defined edge to it. It can be red, sore & hot [when infected], and develop a 'head' [like a boil]. There are sebaceous cysts along the hairline in the back of the head and neck, in the arm-pit and upper chest/back areas as well as in the pubic areas. They contain dead skin cells and oil from the oil gland [in which they originate]... The oil & skin cells are professionally referred to as'desquamated epithelium and sebum [hense, 'sebaceous' cyst]... A muscle spasm [knot] is rarely round... and is more eliptical --or long-- in shape. Is never hot or fluid-filled and has a poorly defined edge [border] to it. It is usually 'sore' to palpation [when pushed on] and when you are relaxed it can usually be moved side-to-side, and becomes less-so when you tighten the muscles in the area... Also the soreness increases when the muscles in the same area are tightened...

2006-08-31 01:25:14
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Why would a knot last longer than a year?

It depends on your definition of knot. There are often large deposits of fatty tissue called sebaceous cysts which are benign and harmless and can often last for years, sometimes lifetimes. the main difference between a "knot" and a "cyst" would be that a knot suggests it came about as a result of an injury. If you are concerned, check with a dermatologist...

How can you tell the difference between a muscle knot and a tumor?

A muscle knot is painful, but should go away with time. A tumor probably won't. If you have any doubt which you have, you should have it checked by your doctor. ++++++++++++++++++++++++++ A muscle knot (muscle spasm) is usually an acute process that can litterally occur within hours or shorter. It can persist and become chronic. It's generally painful or at least not comfortable. A tumor is generally slow growing taking months to years to develop. Many times, you may not even be bothered by it other than the fact that it's there.

Could their be a tummor because their is a knot on the mid back?

google sebaceous cyst

What does a muscle knot look like?

A muscle knot is a very tight ball of muscle that forms in areas like the neck, back, and shoulders. Muscle knots constrict to cause pain in these areas.

Why the difference between miles and knots?

Miles are a measurement of distance, a knot is a measurement of speeed.

Why is there a knot under right knee?

Could be a Bakers cyst or a DVT. Check out both possibilities.

What is the difference between a lump and a knot?

A lump is like a bump in a road, while a knot is wire, or or any string tied up, just like when you tie your shoe.

Could a nickel-size hard knot on the back of my neck be something besides a cyst?

A doctor will be able to tell you.

What is the difference between a hitch and a knot in Boy Scouting?

A knot is used to join two ropes together or a rope to itself while a hitch is used to tie the rope to another object, such as a pole.

Lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle?

A lump on your shoulder that feels like muscle may be a muscle knot. This might be as a result of strain or injury to the shoulder muscle.

What is the knot on Gianluca Ginoble's right wrist?

I believe it is called a ganglion cyst. It is harmless but can be removed if it gets too big or annoying.

What could a lump be on the back of your neck bone on the right side?

Could be anything. Could be a muscle knot, could be a cyst, could be a benign growth of tissue, could be worse. Could be something else. Get to a doctor. You need someone with experience to examine it.AnswerIt could be a bone spur.

What is it when you have a knot under your left ear next to your cheek bone?

Sounds like a swollen gland, but it could be a cyst. Best to have a doctor look at it.

What is the difference between a knot and a mile?

a mile judges how fast a car or truck goes and a know judges how fast a plane or boat goes

What does it mean if you feel like a cyst or knot inside my back and when you push in it rolls around?

It's likely to be a ganglion. But you should still get it checked out by a doctor.

What is the breakdown of the medical word ganglia?

Medically its knows as either a Ganglion cyst also known as a bible cyst, which is swelling that often appears on or around joints and tendons and looks like a marble to a softball sized "knot" as it were. Or a mass of nerve cells.

What is the difference between regular shoe laces and running shoe laces.?

Running shoelaces tend to be thinner. This keeps the knot from slipping when you tie the shoe.

What is the knot on the side of your neck below close to a pimple?

A knot on the side of the neck can be a swollen lymph gland, sebaceous cyst, or a boil. A swollen lymph gland can be caused by an infection. A boil is usually a red and tender lump caused by an infection of a hair follicle.

What would it be causing my cat to have a lump or knot on his back around his neck I have just noticed it it is about the size of a robin's egg?

it could bea cyst see a vet asap

What is the conversion difference between knots to mph?

One knot is equal to 1.1.5078 miles her hour. 1 mile per hour is equal to 0.868976 knots. A knot dervives not from mph but latitude; it takes 1 minute of time to travel one minute of latitude.

What cn cause a large swollen knot under the skin of your genital area?

Could be a lot of things. Ingrown hair, cyst, boil, go to a doctor or clinic and find out.

Knot on right side neck about middle of neck?

See a doctor. It could be a cyst, a swollen lymph node, or a tumor. Let your doctor find out what it is, in case it needs to be removed.

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this red dik

What do I do if I cannot get rid of muscle knots?

Muscle knots can be soothed or cured in a variety of ways. It can be rubbed out, massaged, or soothed with the help of anti-inflammatories. If this doesn't help, then the source of the muscle knot should be looked at by a doctor or medical professional.