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If the Ear has a long red spot on the side of it's head it is a red ear slider If the shell is a squared it is a Box turtle

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Q: How can you tell what kind of turtle it is?
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How do you tell what kind of turtle you have mine is black red and green?

i can not tell what kind of turtle i have because it is to little

How can you tell what kind of baby turtle you have?

Turtles have several distinguishing characteristics. To tell the kind of turtle you have, you have to examine the turtle's shell shape and pattern, as well as the turtle's feeding habits.

How can you tell if a turtle is hungry?

Well,you can kind-of tell if when you past by your turtle well start following you.

How can you identify the breed of your turtle?

You can tell the kind of turtle by looking at the patterns and markings all over the turtle and GOOGLE or it. I hope that helped!

How do you tell if a turtle is a snaping turtle?

you can tell if a turtle is a snaping turtle because if you have a turtle with 2 teeth hanging not over the lip but on top of it then uyou have a snaping turtle.

How to tell an age of turtle?

You can tell the age of a turtle by looking at its shell.

How do you tell the sex of a short neck turtle?

u can tell by how the turtle acts if it is nice and friendly it is a female if it is kind of bossy it is male Well there is another way to tell the sex of a short neck turtle the females tale is way shorter and thinner but the males is thick and longer and has a bigger cloacel region

What kind of turtle stinks?

The moris turtle

What is the lenhgt of an adult turtle?

what kind of turtle?

What kind of animal is a turtle?

A turtle is a reptile.

Your turtle has yellow stripe head red stripe feet what kind is it?

what kind of a turtle is a red-headed turtle

What kind of turtle is in the last song?

the loggerhead turtle

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