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If a cat's belly is hard and round, it probably has some type of worms.

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Q: How can you tell when your cat no longer has worms?
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Can a cat have premature kittens due to worms?

my cats stomache is big how can i tell if it is worms or kittens i have no clue what to due

What is the best way to tell if your dog or cat has worms?

if he or she dont do any thing

Can I give a cat wormer if they might not have worms?

Most dewormers for cats are very safe. However, to make sure the drugs will continue to work, you should check with your vet before deworming your cat - he'll be able to tell you not only if your cat has worms, but also what type of worms and what medications are effective against those worms.

If your cat has worms how many worms do they have?

If you cat has worms, then they have more than one worm. There is not set amount of worms that animals get when they have them.

Can a cat with worms infect a clean cat?

A cat with worms can infect a cat that doesn't have worms, so it's best to give both cats (after discussing it with your vet) the worm capsules.

Can a cat with worms infect a human?

Yes the cat may give the human worms

Cat with worms?

If your cat has worms you need to take he or she to the veterinarian and the cat will either be given a shot or pills or even both.

Can live worms come out of my cat?

Yes they can. Worms are transmitted through fecal matter and if you cat is an outdoor cat, they can still come into contact of contaminated feces. If you think your cat has worms, take it to the vet with a fecal sample and they can test it to see if there are any worms.

Do Longer worms have less more or the same number of segments as short worms?

longer worms have more, less, or the same segmented

Your cat has little worms in his furwhat are they?

Disgusting? Cat Whisper

Will milk give a grown cat worms?

No, worms come from worm eggs. Milk can give a grown cat diarrhea.

Can worms stop a cat from eating?

usually worms make a cat eat like crazy but still lose weight.