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Carbon Monoxide

How can you test for carbon monoxide?


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November 19, 2007 5:10PM

THIS IS AN EXCELLENT QUESTION!! Since carbon monoxide is a colorless, oderless, invisible gas, there are certain ways to test for it. This is very important, since carbon monoxide is so poisonous and deadly and present when you least expect it. EVERY HOME SHOULD HAVE A CARBON MONOXIDE DETECTOR!! Just as you would have a smoke detector, you should have a CO detector. One for each floor or large area of a house. A good one is not that expensive, but think--how much would you pay to save the lives of your family!!!!!!! In our 2 story cape we have six (6) smoke detectors, including one in the basement. ALSO- we have a CO detector on the first floor and second floor. When the upstairs CO detector kept going off, we went to fresh air and called the local fire dept. They are more than happy to come to your home and test. They simply walk around with a little black box that accurately detects ANY amount of CO in the air. Our problem turned out to be a CO detector that was "FULL". The Fire Chief informed us that certain types of CO detectors "collect" minute bits of CO over years. Ours was 7 years old and had to be replaced because it was "full", and kept going off. We immediately purchased a new one, and that one should be good for years. PLEASE NOTE: If you EVER think that you are exposed to CO, DO NOT hesitate to call the fire house and ask them to stop by with their meter. They are happy to do it. SYMPTOMS OF CO POISONING: VERY SLEEPY FOR NO REASON, NAUSEA, CONFUSION, PASSED OUT ETC.... YOU CAN'T SMELL IT OR SEE IT. IT ROBS YOUR BLOOD OF OXYGEN, THEN YOU FALL ASLEEP AND NEVER WAKE UP. GET SOME CO DETECTORS IN YOUR HOUSE TODAY!!!!! Thousands die each year from it. ONE of the worst cases I ever heard of happened to a wealthy, happy family. Dad was a doctor, at work for the day. Meanwhile back at his huge, beautiful house was his whole family. It was around the changing of the seasons (New York I think), and some of the people were cold, whilst other members of the family were warm. Without knowing it, someone was turning up the heat, and at the nearly same time someone was turning on the central air system. UNBEKNOWNST to every one, the A/C/ unit was actually sucking in the fumes from the furnace. Over time the house filled with CO. When the father returned h ome from work, he found every member of his family DEAD. CO poisoing happens all the time for a million different reasons, and it sneeks up on you and kills you. EVERYONE SHOULD HAVE AT LEAST ONE CO DETECTOR IN THEIR HOME, CONDO,,APARTMENT, MOTORHOME, ANYWHERE THAT PEOPLE ARE . TWO (2) GOOD CO DETECTORS COST UNDER $100.00. IS YOUR LIFFE OR THE LIVES OF YOUR LOVED ONES WORTH $100.00!!!!!!! remember: FIRE OFFICIALS WOULD BE MUCH HAPPIER CHECKING YOUR HOME FOR TEN MINUTES, RATHER THAN FIND DEAD BODIES. As far as I know, a good CO detector and a Fireman with their little detectors they carry around is the ONLY way to be certain if you are being poisoned by CO. <<<ADR>>>