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How can you train your chihuahua?

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You can train them like a normal they are very smart dogs and do not forget easily and they do like alot of attention from there owners and they will bark if they want attntion the best wayt ot get them out of the barking habbit is to just pay no attention when they bark!

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What time should a chihuahua be trained?

you should train your Chihuahua as early as you can

Can you litter box train a chiuauun?

If you mean "can you litterbox train a Chihuahua?", the answer is yes.

Can you train a 7 year old chihuahua?

of course!they might be hard to train, but they can be trained

How do you train your chihuahua not to bit?

Threaten to feed it to a python if it doesn't.

Can an adult chihuahua be trained?

Not easily. It is best to train them young.

How do you house train a male Chihuahua?

Take him out every 10 minutes or train him to use a puppy pad.

What has the author Estelle Ferguson written?

Estelle Ferguson has written: 'How to raise and train a Chihuahua' -- subject- s -: Chihuahua - Dog breed -

How do you train a chihuahua?

Chihuahuas are very smart. You just have to start early.

How do you train a chihuahua to stop biting?

A simple drop kick should do the trick

What is smarter a Chihuahua or Yorkie?

The Yorkie is probably the smarter of the two. Or at least easier to train.

Is it hard to train a chihuahua?

no. Chihuahua's are VERY smart, i have two of them they are quick learners when they want to be.

What has the author Estello Ferguson written?

Estello Ferguson has written: 'How to raise and train a chihuahua'

Is a chihuahua easy to train?

A chihuahua is like most dogs...takes time and patience to train them. I've found through my 7 year old chihuahua that she was quite easy to potty train...used a lot of positive reinforcement. When she peed where I wanted her to go, I gave her plenty of "good girls"...and at the age of 7 I still do that. Make it a happy and exciting experience for your puppy and they'll do whatever you want or need them to do. A chihuahua lives to please it's owner...they learn fairly quickly if given the right guidance.

How mank weeks does it take to poty train a chawawa?

a chihuahua needs to get used to the pad or newspaper or whatever it uses to do its buisness on. Guide your chihuahua to the pad and it will eventually get used to the cycle.

How do you train your chihuahua?

Personally, I would use dog treats. Do the trick a few times for yourself, and see if he/she copies it. My chihuahua likes cat treats, and hates dog treats though.

Is it possible to potty train a 5 year old chihuahua?

yes it should be potty trained by now!

What do you get when you combine a Chihuahua and a Chihuahua?

When you combine a Chihuahua and a Chihuahua you get another Chihuahua.

What is the difference between a toy and teacup chihuahua?

The teacup chihuahua is smaller then the toy chihuahua. The teacup chihuahua is smaller then the toy chihuahua. The teacup chihuahua is smaller then the toy chihuahua.

What age is a chihuahua at it's adult size?

At about 18 months the chihuahua is considered an adult. It is best to train the dog before it reaches 18 months or it can be a bit harder training the dog because puppies learn quicker.

What is Chihuahua named after?

The Chihuahua was named after Chihuahua, Mexico.

What is the difference between Teacup chihuahua and chihuahua?

A teacup chihuahua is smaller than a toy chihuahua.

What do you get when you combine a Chihuahua and a Chihuahua-?

When you combine a chihuahua and a chihuahua you will get a smaller version of the dog called puppy.

What is a apple chihuahua?

an apple chihuahua is a chihuahua with an apple shaped head

Can you breed a chihuahua with a bigger chihuahua?

of course you can, regardless, it will still be a Chihuahua.

Is a teacup animal real?

That is what a very small chihuahua is, a teacup chihuahua.