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AnswerYou should be able to go to just about any phone service provider and request that they take the existing number. You will be required to demonstrate that the phone bill is paid up but then the new carrier should take care of the rest of it for you.
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Q: How can you transfer phone numbers from a Sprint A900 to another mobile phone?
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How do you transfer your Sprint phone numbers to another phone?

If you are transferring your number to another sprint cellphone, simply call them up, and ask them to transfer your number upon activation. If you are going to a new mobile phone carrier, ask that company if they have the ability to let you keep your old cellphone number.

Transfer sprint contact to t mobile?

Sprint and T-Mobile are different companies. You could port your number to T-Mobile, but if you are under contract with Sprint, you will be charged an early termination fee. So if you're asking if you can transfer a Sprint Contract into a T-Mobile Contract. The answer would be; no.

Can you transfer a boost mobile number to a sprint phone?


Can you flash a sprint phone to virgin mobile?

In short, the answer is "No."Why? It's complicated. The main reason is that even though Sprint is CDMA and Virgin Mobile is also CDMA, the difference is that Virgin Mobile offers cheap service (but) requires that you buy an expensive phone to utilize their service and their phones are not unlockable, meaning they cannot be transferred to another company. Virgin Mobile is so greedy you can't transfer any other carriers phones to virgin mobile nor can you use their phones and transfer service from Virgin Mobile (such as, to Sprint). It's just how it is.

Is boost mobile and sprint mobile to mobile?

yes. .boost, nextel and sprint(mobile to mobile)

Does Sprint sell Virgin Mobile Phones?

They did but not inside of the stores, they no longer sell Virgin Mobile Phones inside of their Sprint Stores only sprint and Nextel another phone company that is good for businesses.

How do you transfer many from Tim mobile to Tim mobile?

IF you meant 'transfer money from t-mobile to t-mobile' - You can't. T-mobile will not allow you to transfer a pre-paid balance from one number to another.

Is boost mobile threw sprint?

Yes. Sprint bought boost mobile.

Can you transfer the charges from one mobile to another?

by interchanging the batteries of two mobiles,we can transfer the charges from one to another

Where can someone buy Sprint mobile internet?

Sprint is the best place to buy Sprint mobile internet. Other service providers would offer mobile internet for their cell phones. To get the best value for Sprint products, choose Sprint.

DO all sprint stores carry sprint mobile phones?

Sprint stores will almost always be carrying sprint mobile phones. The best way to get an answer on that is to call the Sprint company and talk to them.

Can you flash a sprint phone to tmobile?

No. Because Sprint is CDMA and T-Mobile is GSM. Sprint = No SIM. T-Mobile = SIM.

How can transfer credit from one mobile to another?

To transfer credit from one mobile phone to another, both phones have to be from the same company. When setting up the new phone, tell the operator that there are credits to transfer from an old mobile phone to the new mobile phone. TracFone is one of the only phones that let a person transfer credits this way.

How do you you save contact numbers from a one mobile to another mobile?

Copy them on SIM card, then from SIM card on another mobile.

Can a coupon for sprint be used for T-Mobile service?

Sprint coupons can only be used on Sprint products. T-Mobile does not accept any type of Sprint coupons.

Transfer sprint number to boost mobile?

Yes it can be done as of 08 24 09 I had the sprint store in New Tampa Fl, port my out of contract sprint # to the Boost Clutch, work right away.....yes it can be done! Dr Sulaco.

Is virgin mobile owned by another company?

Yes, in the United States it is owned by Sprint Nextel.

How do you unlock your Sprint samsung galaxy s2 for use on T-Mobile?

you can't use it on t-mobile network if it came from sprint. t-mobile is a GSM network and an EPIC 4g from sprint is not GSM capable.

Does sprint mobile to mobile minutes work with other companies?

They told me NO. Just Sprint phone to Sprint phone. Unlimited mobile to any mobile is extra. If you spend $69.99 a month on their voice & data plan, then you can call/receive to/from any mobile.

Can you unlock a sprint phone to make it T-Mobile?

No you cannot. Sprint is CDMA technology while T-Mobile is GSM. They are incompatible.

How do you turn a sprint phone to a virgin mobile phone?

Get the Sprint phone unlocked - replace the Sprint SIM with a Virgin Mobile SIM - and you're good to go.

Can the Sprint Rumor phones work with T-Mobile?

No. Sprint phones cannot be used on T-Mobile, unless they have a SIM card port.

Can you use a Sprint phone on a T-mobile prepaid plan?

No. Sprint uses CDMA and PCS technology, while T-Mobile uses GSM, so the Sprint phone would be incompatible with the T-Mobile network. Plus, Sprint phones are generally locked to Sprint anyway, so you couldn't use it even if T-Mobile offered CDMA.

What is sprint phones?

What "are" sprint phones? Sprint is a phone company like T-Mobile or AT&T the phones that they use have the sprint logo on them.

Can you activate a Sprint HTC One with Boost Mobile?

You should be able to activate a Sprint HTC One with Boost Mobile. Incidentally, Sprint is a Boost Mobile's parent company.