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Q: How can you travel from dallas to Houston?
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Do the Miami Heat travel farther when they play the Houston Rockets or the Dallas Mavericks?

houston rockets cuase dallas is closer to miami

Do the Tampa Bay Buccaneers travel farther when they play Houston Oilers or the Dallas Cowboys?

They travel farther to get to Dallas. Houston is on the eastern side of Texas, closer to Florida.

Do the Tampa bay buccaneers travel farther when they play in Houston Texas or Dallas Texas?

The Dallas Cowboys in Texas Stadium. Tampa is on the east coast and Dallas is further west than Houston (Reliant Stadium).

How far would you travel if you drove from Austin to Dallas to Houston and then back to Austin?

Really Far

The distance from Dallas to Houston in kilometers?

The distance from Dallas to Houston is 356 Kilometers.

If its 5pm in Houston what time is it in Dallas?

Houston and Dallas are both in the Central Time Zone. So if it is 7:00 am in Houston it is also 7:00 am in Dallas.

Is Austin Texas closer to Dallas or Houston?

Austin to Houston is 162 miles. Austin to Dallas is 195 miles.

What is more ghetto Houston or dallas?


What is Dallas Keuchel's number on the Houston Atros?

Dallas Keuchel is number 60 on the Houston Atros.

Is Austin Texas farther from Dallas Texas or is Houston Texas farther?

Houston texas is farther from Dallas Texas

Does Dallas or Houston have higher crime?

dallas has had the higher crime rate for the last 10 years vs Houston. this year however Houston has caught up and(or) beaten dallas's crime rate. Since dallas's crime rate has declined and Houston's has remained steady. Dallas has more bad neighborhoods though.

What is the population of dallas Texas and Houston Texas?