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You should first see a chiropractor or physician to determine the cause of your Back pain. Your pain could be due to many different types of back issues such as joint problems in your back, muscle problems in your back, or an injured nerve in your back. Other things may also cause back pain such as prostate disease, uterine disease, kidney disease, and many more! So it is very important to see a doctor to first see a cause of your back pain and then let your doctor design a treatment plant for you!

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Q: How can you treat your back pain?
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What chiropractic techniques can be used to treat pain?

Chiropractors treat patients by manipulating joints and the spine. It is believed that pain, especially back pain, is caused by misalignment of the spine. This form of treatment is most effective in patients with persistent back pain and neck problems.

Which herb can be antirheumatic and treat low back pain?

Devils claw

What does cold laser therapy treat?

Cold laser therapy has been known to treat several causes of pain such as arthritis, back pain, tendonitis, knee pain, neck pain, carpal tunnel syndrome and fibromyalgia.

How can you get rid of lower back pain?

Read "How to Treat Your Own Back" by Robin MacKenzie. It is excellent.

What can pain killers be used to treat?

Ear ache, back ache, belly ache , head ache and PAIN

What therapy is used to treat chronic back pain?

Patients with chronic back pain are treated with a combination of medications, physical therapy, andoccupational or lifestyle modification.

What medical professionals use spinal manipulation to treat patients with low back pain?

Some osteopathic physicians, physical therapists, and naturopathic physicians also use spinal manipulation to treat patients with low back pain.

How can I treat the pain from a foot injury I got from running years back?

If you are experiencing pain from an injury that you had years back it may be difficult to treat. You should see a foot specialist to see what can be done, but it is likely that orthotics for your shoes may assist in relieving this discomfort.

Is tramadol an antibiotic used to treat pain?

It is not an antibiotic, however it is used to treat pain.

Can you take tramadol for back pain?

Tramadol is usually used to treat severe pain and neuropathic pain. It's used to treat depression, anxiety, phobias, etc. Certainly, as an opioid, it decreases the perception of pain (reduces transmission of pain signals through the spinal cord to the brain). Even though it's considered as a pain killer, you shouldn't use tramadol for the back pain for the next reasons: -First, it can make your pain worst because of its muscular side effects, such as: tremor, tightness, seizures and weakness. -Also, there are many other methods available to treat the back pain, such as: heating therapy, muscular relaxants, other opioids, massages, paracetamol, tylenol, etc.

Does Oxycodone helps to treat pain?

Visit Profile to know More

What diseases does eucommia bark treat?

Back and leg pain, stiffness, arthritis, impotence, premature ejaculation.

How do I treat chronic back pain?

You can try Advil, or Motrin. However if its chronic go see your doctor.

How can you treat pain from cecum?

what to do for cecum pain relif

Hallucinogens are used to treat pain and induce anesthesia?

are hallucinogens used to treat pain and induce anesthesia?

What is prolotherapy used to treat?

Prolotherapy has been used to treat chronic neck and back pain , joint pain from arthritis, headaches, fibromyalgia , sports injuries, carpal tunnel syndrome , and partially torn tendons, ligaments, and cartilage.

What is a good pain reliever for low back pain?

The best option is to seek medical advice first to understand why the pain is there in the first place. Your doctor should e able to tell you the best way to treat the pain.

What for zerodol-SP tablet used for?

it is used to treat back pain. Zerodol-P is indicated for relief from pain and inflammation associated with ankylosing spondylitis, osteoarthritis, dental pain, and rheumatoid arthritis.

Can marijuana be used to treat glaucoma?

no it can be used to treat the pain and the headaches but will treat the illness

If I go to the clinic is there a treatment that would stop my lower back pains for good?

The best way to treat a lower back pain is to visit a chiropractic and address your pain, also if the problem is just present when applying stress to the lower back a good solution is to stretch and move as soon as the pain starts to relieve the stress on the lower back.

What is the best back pain treatment available?

The best ways to treat back pain is with either tylenol or aleve. You can also use hot and cold compresses, and you really shouldn't rest all that much when you have back pain. Once you suffer from it once, you'll get it again and again. You should keep your stomach and back muscles strong, so doing exercises that work those out are also a plus to treating back pain.

How to easily treat back pain?

The best thing for back pain due to physical activity is heat. Most of the time the pain is there due to over-worked muscles. The application of heat tends to relax the muscles which helps the pain go away. Having a friend who can massage isn't a bad idea either.

Back Pain Treatment Center?

Why don't you try a back support belt? I bought one from the store lowerbackbelt(a website)And I find it is very suitable for me. The back support belt makes me feel comfortable and reduces my back pain.

What are some alternative treatments for low back pain?

There are many different ways to treat low back pain. Acupuncture is a common and highly regarded method, massage therapy is also very good. It is always wise to see a professional when dealing with back pain, a chiropractor who specialises in back pain for example. Other methods include, vitamin d, yoga, magnesium and anti inflammatory herbs.