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OK heres what you do...

1) Go up to her but not to close..

2) imagine her as a family member

3) Treat her like shes something you care about most

4) Forget you ever went to the internet to look for help... Which is kind of sad

5) Forget you were ever shy or nervous and she will be somebody you just like being around.

No No No ..... Here's what you really do listen to your heart I know it's hard but just try maybe you'll learn something because if you listen to your heart you'll know just when it's right for you to stop being nervous around your crush because I've been there and I've done that I learned right from my mistakes just try it might work out you'll never know until you try because everybody's different so different things work so just chill out and try your best you'll be fine.

You can't try NOT to be nervous at all, that's just the effect he/she has on you, sorry :)

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Why is this girl so nervous and clumsy around me when I'm near her?

She obviously has a crush on you.

Why your crush doesn't talk to you around his mom?

He's shy, nervous and embaresses

Do you get more nervous around your crush when you anticipated running into her or when you didn't?

either way

Why is this girl intimidated and nervous around you?

i might be wrong but (I'm a girl) normally when i get nervous around a boy i normally like them or is scared of you but i mostly find if i am nervous around boys then i have a crush on them i hope this answers your question

How can you be less nervous around your crush?

Try to do something that is comfortable for both of you that you enjoy such as a sport, movie - something of that nature then you will both be comfortable doing whatever it is as well as spending time together.

Do girls get nervous around a guy if she knows the guy has a crush on her?

Well only if she likes him back. I've talked to guys that have told me that they like me and ive never been nervous around them

Is it normal to get extremely an uncontrollably nervous around the person you have a crush on?

kinda just don't have a heart attack

How do you not get nevous talking to your crush?

well you will still get nervous you might blush but try to talk to your crush like when your talking to one of your friends it relaxes you makes it easier to talk I hope this helps :)

How do I make my crush think I am not interested in her?

You might want to act calm and try to be not nervous if she asks if you can go out with her or to do a favor say you are busy.

Does butterflies in the stomach mean your in love?

it depends it might happen when you are nervous and it might happen when someone you have a crush on is around you

How do you talk to your crush without being nervous what should you say?

Being nervous around your crush is normal. You see, a crush isn't just like any hot boy/girl. Your suppose to be nervous when you talk to her/him. The key is to pretend that that girl/boy is just any other girl/boy you talk to. If your a loner and you don't talk to girls/boys, pretend that she/he is your mom or dad:)

If your nervous around your crush and try to get away from him doesn't he figure it out?

It depends- in younger grades (1-7) boys don't pay attention to girls as much as they will later. So if he doesn't seem to figure out that you like him, don't be surprised; when he gets older he'll notice things like that. When you re nervous around a crush, he may or may not notice depending on what grade/s you both are in. Sometimes, it also depends on the guy!

Why does your crush act shy around you sometimes but other times not so much?

It depends on the situation. If they are around a group of people of course they will be more comfortable,wont be as nervous and will not be shy. But if it is just you alone they may be nervous an awkward. Also if your crush doesnt know you well it could be lack of stimulating conversation.

What does it mean when you have a dream about your crush physically hurting you like a pinch?

It means that you are nervous about your crush.

How will your Crush act around you if he likes you?

Hi I had the Same problem when I was in primary school anyway to find out if your crush likes you when he is around u he will ignore u, say hi and walk away, stay and chat and act really nervous around u

How do you know when a boy has a crush on a girl?

You know when he seems to enjoy hanging out with you, or seems to get nervous when he is around you. He smiles when he says your name :)

How do you feel when you have your first crush?

You feel butterflies, you get nervous when hes around you, and your heart gets faster. You might even have a dream about him!

How do you know if a boy has a big crush on you?

A boy can have a crush on you by the way he looks at you for example if i said my little sister saw a boy looking at her and smiling getting nervous around her well there you go

How do you talk to your crush without getting nervous?

Just do it!!

Why does my crush stare at me but we don't talk?

maybe she is nervous

Why does a shy anxious girl get loud and excited while watching TV or being with her friends or parents even when her crush is around?

she gets excited because she probably nervous and is trying to impress who ever shes around most of the times its a crush

What does it mean if you catch a guy looking at you with smiling eyes from afar and he always checks out your body especially your hips and is nervous when he speaks to you up close?

He probably has a crush on you and is too nervous to approach you. Why don't you try introducing yourself : )

What do boys act like around there crush?

I found out that when a guy has a crush on a girl if he knows her then he will talk to her. But sometimes he might be shy to talk to you. Because I have a crush on a boy and I'm certainly sure that he likes me! The reason for that is because he stares at me, flirts, teases and talks to me. Here are somethings he might do around you if he has a crush on you. 1. He will be quiet around you 2. If you are in the same place he is he might stare at you 3. If he talks to you and he will sometimes flirt with you 4. If he is shy he won't be that close to you and he will not even talk to you 5. He might try to show off or get your attention 6. He will act nervous around you yes thats true

What does it mean when your crush is shy with you around his family?

He's only nervous because he wants you to like his family and his family to like you. If him being nervous is upsetting you, then talk to him about it. Tell him to be himself, calm down, etc.

What do you do when your crush gets a girlfriend?

Try to act all cool in front of the person you have a crush on or try to become friends with the girlfriend of your crush

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