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How can you use politics in a sentence?

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Okay... Here's a simple one... When I turn 21 I will contribute in politics. Simple and lame but it's a sentence right?

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How do you use politics in a sentence?

Such a dynamic is entirely new in British politics.

Can use politics in sentence?

Sure. I have not been involved in politics before.

How would you use politics in a sentence?

In high school, the students learn about politics.

How do you use the word politics in a sentence?

Every other (enter a number) years, there is presidential politics.

How do you use the word politic in a sentence?

the politician loves to do politics.

Use gregarious in a sentence?

The man was very gregarious when it came to politics.

Use the word mugwump in a sentence?

this person was a mugwump when it came to politics

How do you use naivete in a sentence?

George Bush's naivete about international politics is impressive.

How do you use vide in a sentence?

Vide Johnson's definition of politics on page 35.

How can you use cynic in a sentence?

Niccolo Machiavelli was a cynic of contemporary Italian politics.

How do you use ex mayor in the sentence?

The ex-mayor resigned from politics last week.

Use in a sentence the word hung?

Local politics woking boro council is a hung council.

Can you give me a sentence with the word politics?

Politics and Politicians really stink.

How do you use illustrious in a sentence?

As a student of world politics, I would be thrilled to meet an illustrious member of Pariament.

How to use onus in a sentence?

I have long avoided the onus of politics, but now it seems that I must engage in such matters.

How do you use 'comprehension' in a sentence?

His comprehension for the politics in the Middle East made him the secretary of state.

Can you critique this sentence Politics make me laugh.?

"Politics", despite ending in an s, is treated as a singular noun in English; therefore, the sentence should read "Politics makes me laugh."

Can you give me a sentence with the word politics in it?

Politics are great things to study about in school.

Can you give me a sentence for the word politics?

Such a dynamic is entirely new in british politics

What is a question and answer you can use for politics?

Are you interested in politics? No, I am not into politics.

Is the word 'politics' capitalized?

The word "politics" should not be capitalized unless it is the first word of a sentence.

What is a sentence for politics?

Politics is very boring.He was never interested in politics, so it does make you winder why he's running for president.He is studying politics at college.

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