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How can you view live TV using 56kbps modem Internet connection?

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To be able to view live TV using a 56 Kbps modem internet connection, you must find a stream that downloads at 56k/s or less for it to be 'live'. However, quality would be very, very, low.

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How do you make an internet connection?

you make it using a wifi modem

Is a modem used to communicate using the telephone?

yes, also the modem is used for the internet connection.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using a modem to connect to the Internet?

There are several advantages and disadvantages to connecting to the internet via modem. One advantage of a modem connection is that it actually does connect a person to the internet. The downside is that the connection is typically very, very slow.

How does a broadband phone work?

A broadband phone works by using your Internet connection. It will be plugged into a modem that connects to your Internet.

How do you switch from wireless to internet connection?

You do not need to switch to anything. You have to have internet connection (usually a modem), connect your wireless router to your modem (you need to know DNS servers of the internet provider) using the lan cable which usually comes with the router. And you are good to go.

Connecting to a network such as the internet using a modem and regular phone line is called what?

"Dial up Connection"

Can you play online without a modem?

In order to play online you will need some sort of internet connection. This doesnt necessarily mean a modem, you could very well play online using a broadband connection or a wireless internet connection. So, you -can- play online without a modem, but you -will- need some other way to connect.

You are using a usb internet modem in your computer same time how you can give a internet connection to a second computer?

how can i conect a second computer to internet already existing

Can you have comcast Internet in your ipod touch?

Yes and no. The iPod Touch uses whatever internet the local router is using, so if the router you are using is connected to your Comcast Internet modem, then you are using Comcast Internet. If the router you are using is using another modem, like AT&T modem, then it is using AT&T internet.

USB Wireless Router?

A router is a device that connects to your modem to share your internet connection with other computers. A wireless router uses a power cord and an Ethernet cable to connect from the modem to the router without the need of a connection between the router and the computers it's sharing the Internet connection with. A USB wireless router connects to the modem using a single USB connection that serves as both the power supply and data connection.

If you get a broadband router will it replace your modem you are now using?

Yes, if your new router can work as a modem required for your internet connection. Most of routers do not have it. Thus it depends on particular model.

Setting Up dial Up connection By using CDMA Wireless modem?

Setting Up dial Up connection By using CDMA Wireless modem?

How do you get online for ps3 using a dongle?

You can't it must be an ethernet cable or a WiFi connection through your router or modem to your internet service

How do you use your cell phone as a modem to connect to the Internet?

Not all cellphones has a built-in modem but if it does, download the driver from your cellphone manufacturer and install it to your laptop/PC, connect the two and create a dial-up connection using that modem.

Approximately how much time will it take to download a 3 MB file from the Internt using a 56 K bps modem?

Downloading a 3MB file from the Internet using a 56kbps modem will take about 100 seconds.3 * 1024 * 1024 * 1.25 (to add the start and stop bits) / 0.8 (to add a 20% overhead in the protocol) / 49100 (an optimum speed with a 56kbps modem).This does not include any additional latency by the provider or any of the switches along the way, nor does it consider that the data stream can and will be compressed at the source and decompressed at the destination.

How do you stop lagging in call of duty wodern warfare 2?

Get a better modem, or... make sure you are the only one using the internet from your connection

When you connect your ps3 to the internet does it mean that the internet on the computer won't work?

No. Unless you are using a wired connection and unplug the computer's Ethernet cable because you do not have a router or WiFi Modem.

List the steps to recycle the connection to an ISP when using a cable modem?

Turn off modemTurn off routerTurn on modem, wait for indication that the modem is onlineTurn on router, wait for indication that router has an internet connectionMay need to go into CMD and release\renew the IP address for computers connected to the router.

How to connect 2 computers to 1 modem?

Do you mean a dial up telephone modem, cable modem, or DSL modem? Technically a cable and DSL modem is not a modem, it is a transceiver (transfer/receiver), and doesn't module and demodulate phone signals like an old school modem. Completely different technology. For a dial up modem, you don't. If you are trying to share your internet connection, you need network cards in both machines, and if you are using Windows 98 or higher, you can use what is called Internet Connection Sharing. Google how it is done. If you are using cable or DSL, look into a router with a 4 port switch. You can also do internet connection sharing, but using a router is much easier. Some cable and DSL modems already have this built in. Some do, some don't. If not, plug a 4 (or more) port switch into the cable modem, then your computers into the switch. There's not a whole lot more to it than that.

How do you change black ops 2 NAT type to open?

It all depends on your internet connection. Try restarting the modem, and if it is still moderate or bad, it must be your internet connection. if your using WiFi, try and switch to an Ethernet cable if you can.

List the steps to recycle the connection to an isp when using a cable modem and router?

Turn off modemTurn off routerTurn on modem, wait for indication that the modem is onlineTurn on router, wait for indication that router has an internet connectionMay need to go into CMD and release\renew the IP address for computers connected to the router.

Which type of internet connection requires a cable router rather than an ADSL modem router?

Cable, Wireless, T-1, T-3, OC3, and Satellite internet connections all require a cable router instead of using an ADSL modem router to access the internet.

If an Internet user has a PPPoE connection to their ISP they can log onto the Internet using what?

If an internet user has a PPPoE connection to their ISP, they log onto the internet using what?

My PC said you have internet on your cp but you cant because it says connection failed?

what type of operating system? xp, vista, mac? what type of internet? cable modem dial-up? are you using a router?

I am using internet through modem now i want to use this connection to my desktop i purchase linksys router wrt120n while i connect linksys router to modem i am unable get internet says dns probl?

You have to contact your Internet Service Provider for the corrcet dns then open network settings and manually specify dns.