How can you win an ex-boyfriend back when he dumped you because you were mean to him a lot of times and took him for granted but now realize that you want to change and become a better person?

For starters you have to prove to him that you want him back. Depending on what his reaction is to that, you must either get over him, or prove to him that you are changed person and won't do the things you used to do. You must treat him nice and give him gifts and be a good person all-around, or until he realizes you are changed. You must show him how much he means to you,not with gifts or sex but show a real interest in him.Little things mean more when theres love involved.Take him to lunch,don't just tell him about your day then when he starts to tell you about his your not interested.Hold his hand and tell him how much you love him.If you really love him show it.All the words in the world don't mean anything if you can't show it.I went out in a snow storm and drove for an hour just to get the snow off her car.I would leave for work 1 hour early just to put love notes and cookies on her car.That's how I showed how much in love I was with her.I broke up with her because she just didn't and couldn't show if she loved me or not.Well enough about me just show him is my advice and if he still loves you it should work out.If not you probably hurt him to much.marty