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How can your website visitors send you a question via email?



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You can do this one of two ways:

Method 1

Use a tag. This tag makes your address, or any text for that matter, a link that is clicked on by the user and will automatically open their email software with the email address you specify already in the To: form.

<a href="mailto:address">Email Questions</a>

where address is your email address and Email Questions is the text for the link. You can also repeat your email address in this text so that the email address is readily visible to the user.

Note that this will not work properly for users who have web-based email.

Method 2

Create a form in which the user simply fills out a couple of content boxes, such as in the format of:

Name: [ blank box ]

Email: [ blank box ]

Question: [ blank box ]

followed by a button (or two buttons) one which might say "Send" that functions as to send the form information to your email address and the second might say "Clear" that functions as to clear the information the user has already typed into the form.

This method requires use of scripting languages - such as JavaScript - to create and make usable.