How christian religion treat women?

Like chattel property. Let's start with the "fall of Eve" poem in Genesis 3. Eve is blamed for Adam's "fall" and this blame continues throughout history all the way through St Paul's mysogynism, up to St Augustine's schizophrenia and on into medieval rape-and-pillage "chivalry".

Remember Gideon who promised God the first thing that came out of his house, and ended up sacrificing his daughter on an altar to Jehovah. This is typical of 2500 years of Judaeo-Christian hatred for women.

The early Jews, ca 700-500 BC, worshipped the Queen of Heaven. But Jehovah's jealous and politically astute preists, prophets and adherents passionately hated any suggestion of female deity and their worshippers. Read for yourself what Jehovah's prophets have to say about it: Jeremiah 7:18; Jeremiah 44:15-18; 2 Kings 21:7; Judges 10:6; 1 Samuel 7:4, 1 Samuel 12:10; 1 Samuel 31:10, etc.

Archaeology demonstrates clearly that Anath, the Queen of Heaven was worshipped in the temple, side by side with Jehovah in the 6th century BC in Elephantine.

However, that cult of Judaism did not survive the editing of Javne (q.v.). Manuscripts from the first century discovered at Qumran in the 20th century, which include Biblical scrolls, conclusively prove that the first century version of the Hebrew scriptures did not survive intact to the Masoretic Text. Our oldest copy of the Masoretic Text dates from the late tenth century, some 900 years AFTER the era of Jesus and the apostles. The differences are astounding.

It appears that the rabbis of the common era, beginning with Javne and continuing for the next 800 years decided to do some judicious editing in order to create a monolithic Judaism, much as the Emperor Constantine and the Nicaean Council tried to do with Christianity. All the sects and alternate practices of Judaism were edited out of the scripture and forgotten until 20th century archaeologists uncovered troves of early documents in enough disparate places to prove that alternate Judaism and alternate Christianity was truly wide-spread throughout the Roman Empire, the hellenistic worlds and even the Parthian and Sassanid empires.

Unfortunately, the cults of Judaism and Christianity which survived were those sects which craved power and needed women to be kept "in their place". Neither religion was originally patriarchal or imperialistic, but by the ninth or tenth century what was left was definitely both.