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There is a microprocessor called the Insturment Panel Cluster Microprocessor. That controls several things, but one of the things it does is turn on the Daytime Running Light indicator and the High Beam Indicator. It could be bad. Are you sure that you have both High and Low beams? Check that first to make sure because the Turn/Hazard Headlight Switch could be bad causing you to have Hi Beams only. If you have Hi and Lo Beams, it is most likely the Microprocessor. Hope that helps.

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Q: How come the high beam light on the dashboard is stuck?
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Ford transit van dashboard light has come on with a spanner What does this mean?

its your service light

What does a light on dashboard that looks like light bulb mean when it come on and stays on?

You have a headlight out.

How do you change bulb in abs dashboard light wont come on on a Dodge Sprinter?

How do you change bulb in abs dashboard\

What is the difference between converging and diverging beam of light?

diverging beam of light means the rays which are spreading more away from each other on drawing further but the converging beam of light come closer to each other on drawing further.

How do you change dashboard light bulb for passat?

Begin by removing the dashboard instrument panel cover. Take hold of the dashboard lightbulb, push in and turn at the same time. The dashboard lightbulb will come out. Reverse the process to install your new dashboard lightbulb.

Why does the 4wheel abs light on mx6 dashboard come on?

If the abs light on a 4 wheel MX6 dashboard comes on, it is due to faulty abs sensor. It may also be due to a faulty rotor.

Are dashboard lights and indicator lights the same thing?

no. however your indicator lights are located in your dashboard. dashboard light will light up when you turn your headlights on. Ex. the lights that are illuminated behind your miles per hour needle or behind your fuel gauge. Your indicator light are a lights that come on when your first turn the ignition. these lights indicate when your oil needs to be changed or your fuel is low or your washer fluid is low or the blue light that is illuminated when your headlights are on bright or high beam etc.....most newer model cars are equipped with the indicator lights. hope this is helpful.

What is the symbol for a transmission problem on a 2000 dodge caravan dashboard?

The only light that could come on would be the check engine light.

What type of lens can cause a beam of light to focus or come together?

Concave lenses

Why does my hand brake light come on during driving?

There is an electircal switch that 'senses' when the emergency brake lever is applied and lights a warning light on the dashboard to keep you from driving in this condition. This switch may be faulty or out of adjustment, causing the warning light on the dashboard to turn on.

What is the symbol on the dashboard for low transmission for a 2002 cavalier?

it looks like a transmission or the check engine light will come on

Why is your water level dashboard light coming on on your 1997 VW Jetta?

there are 2 lights that come on the dashboard 1 is the coolant indicator light that comes on if the coolant level is low or the sensor is bad. The other light is from the windshield washer reservoir level being low or a faulty sensor.

Why do abs emergency brakes and track control light come on on the dashboardm?

If your ABS emergency brake light and the track control light show up on the dashboard, you are having a brake problem.

Why does hand brake light come on dashboard?

If your handbrake is on or if the brake fluid level in the brake master cylinder in your engine compartment is LOW , the " brake " light in your dash will light up

Why is airbag light on displayed on dashboard on?

The light come on when the system detects a problem and sets a trouble code. You should have it diagnosed by a trained technician. The airbag system is not for do it yourselfers

How do change the dashboard light bulb on a Mercedes E430?

Begin by removing the instrument panel cover from your Mercedes-Benz E430. Push the lightbulb in and turn it at the same time. The instrument panel lightbulb will come out. Reverse the process to install your new dashboard light bulb.

Why does the high beam indicator light come on when you put your 1996 cavalier into drive?

You may be mistaken it for the DDL's (Daytime Driving Lights) They come on while in gear... High beams have a BLUE light on the dash, while, the DDL's have a GREEN light.

How do you get out a light that is stuck because of resurfacing the pool?

I would have the resurfacing company come back out to "fix" the problem.

What does it mean a battery light come on in your Jeep liberty dashboard?

The output voltage from the alternator is either too low or too high.

What causes the DRL warning light to come on in a VW Passat 2007?

It is not a warning light. The DRL stands for Daytime Running Lights and will always be on unless you turn on your dashboard lights.

When the orange light 2nd from left on dashboard in a Toyota Hiace Panel van come on what does it mean?

Oil presseure light, can be a faulty sensore though wich are not hard to replace

How come my 2000 Honda cr-v doesn't have signal light blingking on the dashboard and no hazzard light?

Did you try changing the flasher unit on the fuse box ? Sounds like that may be it.

What is the button for in the right dashboard speaker in a Chevy blazer 2000?

That is not a button, but a light detector. When it gets dark enough, the headlights automatically come on.

What is the turning point in the book Heaven by Angela Johnson?

If it's not raining, it's simple. Only a light will come on, on your dashboard. :)

Astra brake lights are stuck on?

Brake light switch has most likely come adrift from it's fitting