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How could a zombie apocalypse happen?

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It can't. You cannot re-animate dead tissue.

I agree with what you said, However if you are talking a disease, such as the rage virus, or The T-Virus (From movies Resident Evil and 28 days/weeks later) It could very well be possible, Maybe a scientific experiment gone wrong, or an advanced form of rabies... It COULD be possible, just not in the form of an actual zombie. Because it IS true, You cannot re-animate dead tissue.

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Can zombie apocalypse happen?

Not scientificaly. There is no proof that there are zombies, so a zombie apocalypse can't happen.

Will the 2012 zombie apocalypse ever happen?

A apocalypse may happen but not in 2012.

Is it crazy that you want a zombie apocalypse to happen?

Do you think its crazy i wanted a apocalypse to happen

Is the zombie apocalypse going to happen?

This will never happen..so there will NOT be a zombie apocalypse except movies or games like Red Dead Redemption :)

How will the zombie apocalypse happen?

OK, sorry to burst your bubble here, but i don't think a zombie apocalypse is going to happen anytime soon.

What if a zombie apocalypse happened?

you dont have to worry because the zombie apocalypse will never happen SO STOP WORRYING

When did Zombie Apocalypse - video game - happen?

Zombie Apocalypse - video game - happened in 2009.

How could you survive a zombie apocalypse?

I guess that the Zombie apocalyps could happen anywhere but not rarely because zombies cannot just show up out of nowhere.

When could a zombie apocalypse happen?

Well,to be honest,a zombie apocalypse could happen,but not now,maybe in the future,but i mean floating cars future,or maybe in your kid's children are age 50,thats a long time,i will and your children's kid will be dead by then,so it will happen,it cant happen now,but scientists are experimenting to much im sure,

Will there be a zombie apocalypse on December 21 2012?

Chances are slim that December 21 2012 would be the actual day a zombie apocalypse would happen.

Could the zombie apocalypse actually happen?

Nobody really knows, but there are really bad viruses that can kill a lot of people.

Can the zombie apocalypse happen?

Scientifically no at this point but in the future we may design more viruses and descover new ones that could affect this

Will there be an zomobie apocalypse?

No there will not be A zombie apocalypse.

Will there ever be a zombie apocalypse?

Nobody knows for sure, but chances are, there will not be a zombie apocalypse.

Is it possible there could be a zombie apocalypse?

No i don't think there is ever going to be a chance of a zombie apocalypse because i don't think that our dead relatives will come alive you dumb a$$

Will Ebola start a zombie apocalypse?

No. The Zombie Apocalypse is started by another organism entirely.

What is the duration of Zombie Apocalypse film?

The duration of Zombie Apocalypse - film - is 1.5 hours.

Would there be a zombie apocalypse in 2012?

It may not happen, but there is no definitive proof. I guess there isn't

What are the odds of a Zombie Apocalypse?

0% I don't think it is going to happen.

What do you do if a zombie apocalypse happend?

Its impossible for it to happen scientists have declared it impossible stop worrying about what to do

When will the zombie apocalypse happen?

You know how people say: "The End of the World." Basically, The Zombie apocalypse will be the end of world.Zombies are mythical creatures and do not exist in real life. The term "zombie apocalypse" has come to be used for any disaster, either natural or man made that places lives in danger.

What is zombie apocalypse?

when a zombie eats a cake

Will a zombie apocalypse happen?

yes it will if dumb scientist do something dumb like the dumb people they are

When will the zombie apocalypse happen or start?

nobody knows but always be prepared. check out my page Glitch378

Will humanity survive the zombie apocalypse?

As zombies are entirely fantasy creatures it is never likely to happen.

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