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Literature is written by people who have experienced life. Some writers have experienced intense love, others deep sadness and suffering, some war, some spirituality, some death, hope and despair. By reading their books one can learn second-hand about all these aspects of life and the human condition and experience and learn how human beings react in every situation. Some books, like Moby Dick, explore in depth a single aspect of human emotion, in this case obsessive revenge.

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Why literature is the mirror of life?

Literature is known as the mirror of life. Now for understanding this phenomenon we have to understand what is literature. its man who has created literature. Literature can be from a book, a drama, a song and literature is also known as a saga means that it never ends. Philosophy also is a literature. Literature shows us how life was created and how is ends also.

Define literature and what literature as a subject is?

literature is the art of language. Literature as a subject is the study of books.

Give at least 5 importance of literature?

The 5 elements of literature are the plot, point of view, characters, setting, and theme. Literature is of great importance to everyone because of its huge amount of creating understanding from a different perspective in life.

Are you goth?

I, personally, am. I have a great understanding of the Gothic subculture and a deep interest in the music, literature and fashion along with the darker side of life.

How did the microscope change human understanding of life?

you could use it to look at things closer!

What are the Qualities of literature?

the qualities of literature are; recreation of life appreciation of life and criticism of life.

Discuss life and literature of pampa?

discuss life and literature of pampa

How would a Layman define Literature?

You might say that literature is stuff you read for pleasure.

What can cause your understanding of science to change?

Education can cause your understanding of science to change (and, hopefully, to improve). Alzheimer's disease could cause it to deteriorate. Such is life.

What will happen if there is no literature?

if there is no literature, the life will be meaningless

Why did Frans Eemil Sillanpaa win The Nobel Prize in Literature in 1939?

The Nobel Prize in Literature 1939 was awarded to Frans Eemil Sillanpaa for his deep understanding of his countrys peasantry and the exquisite art with which he has portrayed their way of life and their relationship with Nature.

What can physics do to your daily life?

If you have a very basic understanding of physics it could save your life. Believe it or not you use physics all the time: Walking, driving, waving, shaking hands, etc. When you move you are instinctively understanding the consequences of your actions.

What has the author Thomas Thrasher written?

Thomas Thrasher has written: 'William Shakespeare' -- subject(s): Authors, English, Biography, Dramatists, English, English Authors, English Dramatists, Juvenile literature 'Gunfighters of the American West' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, Biography, Peace officers, Outlaws, Frontier and pioneer life, Robbers and outlaws 'Understanding Macbeth' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, In literature, Theater, Tragedy, History 'Understanding Romeo and Juliet' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, English literature, Tragedy, History and criticism 'The Importance Of Series - William Shakespeare' -- subject(s): Juvenile literature, English Dramatists, Biography, English Authors

How literature is a mirror of society and life?

literature is a mirror of society and life because it is a reflection of what happens im our environment and its exposes life.

What are the functions of literature?

The functions of literature are to help man master and enjoy life - and enjoy mastering life. Another important function of literature is to heighten the awareness if reader to certain aspects of life.

Did the chicken or egg come first?

An organism would have to develop from another organism, under the current theory of biological life. An "egg", the offspring, could not develop spontaneously.

What is the value of literature?

literature teaches us more about life around us. literature helps us to appreciate life around us. literature improves our communication with also improves our vocabulary.

What has the author Laura R Villiger written?

Laura R. Villiger has written: 'Mari Sandoz' -- subject(s): Decolonization in literature, Frontier and pioneer life, Frontier and pioneer life in literature, Historiography, History, Indians in literature, Intellectual life, Knowledge, Literature and history, Middle West in literature, Swiss Americans, Women and literature

What three things did Buddha understand after he was enlightened?

The three things that Buddha understood after he was enlightened were:To lead a moral life,To be mindful and aware of thoughts and action,To develop wisdom and understanding.

What is the characteristic of literature?

literature is an expression of life. it deals with the phenomena related to human life including their psychology and their beliefs.

The type of literature that tells about real life?

Non-fiction prose literature tells about real-life events.

What is the 6 letter word for a mature understanding of life?

A 6 letter word for a mature understanding of life is reason.

What is interpretive literature?

Interpretive literature is literature that provides valid insights into the nature of human life or behavior.

What is the difference between Victorian and modernist literature?

Modernist literature started in the early?æ1900's. This literature ended all traditional molds of life. Victorian literature focused on poverty and other difficulties in life.

What is the idea about life revealed in a work of literature?

Depends on what the literature is. Be more specific.

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