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call your utility companies they will locate them for free Answer: Miss Utility is a NATIONWIDE service that will locate the public utility lines for free. All states Miss Utility Centers can be contacted by dialing 811 on any phone.

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Is a telephone directory a telephone book?

Yes a telephone directory is a telephone book. Which includes listings of all the numbers of people in a certain area. I myself would consider a telephone directory any list or book that includes a list of people and phone numbers that are in a certain area.

What is it like beneath the earth?

hot and rocky when you get to a certain point

What lies beneath a desert?

Short grasses and dwarf shrubs dominate beneath a desert.Archaeological remains can also lie below the desert but nobody could be certain about what actually lies beneath a desert.

How do you find the underground item poketch app?

There is no useable Poketch apps underground. If you mean the radar on the Underground PC, you need to steal a certain amount of flags.

What is the radioactive gas that is formed by certain rocks underground?


What is the process in which animals live underground for certain period of a year?


Is there any crude oil or natural gas underground?

yes in certain places

How was the underground railroad operated like a real railroad?

The Underground Railroad operated like a real railroad because it did have a certain system or route that was always followed. The Underground Railroad also had passengers and conductors.

How and where do earthquakes form?

They start when the earth's plates shift, they are underground and when they shift they begin to vibrate which makes certain areas shake, so in a sense they form underground.

A radioactive gas that is naturally formed by certain types of rocks underground is called?


Was the telegrah or telephone invented first?

I normally wouldn't correct someone I do not know. However, iI am certain that the telegraph was invented first. Google it. lol telephone

How do you have certain phone numbers blocked from certain area codes?

That depends on your telephone provider, and may depend on the make and model of your mobile phone.

Why do volcanoes occur in certain places?

Because that is where they plate tectonics collide and there is a hot spot underground.

What is teledencity?

It is the total number of landline telephone user per 100 individuals with in a certain area.

Does titain have water?

It's not certain but there is good reason to suspect there's liquid water beneath Titans ice crust.

Where do you get the digger drill from in Pokemon?

After you do certain events for the underground man in eterna (next to the pkmn cntr) he will give on to you.

Where is telephone country code 1 937?

Telephone country code +1 is North America, including the USA, Canada, and certain Caribbean/nearby islands. Telephone area code +1 937 is for southwestern Ohio, including Dayton but not including Cincinnati.

Where is telephone country code 1 322?

Telephone country code +1 is North America, including the USA, Canada, and certain Caribbean and nearby islands. However, there is no area code +1 322, and there are no valid telephone numbers beginning with +1 322.

Is the sequence of earth's layers the same everywhere on the planet?

yes, the layers beneath earths surface are in the same sequence throughout earth, although certain parts of certain layers may be wider in certain places or slimmer, but they stay in the same sequence

How did politics impact slavery and the underground railroad?

Because there were laws that could not be broken and certain things they had to do were against the laws.

How does HSBC telephone banking work?

The HSBC telephone banking works by setting up a security number and by entering your account details. In order to set up for a security number there is a certain number that you have to call in order for it to get set up to be able to use it.

What deck did the second class passengers of the titanic sleep on?

They slept on the lower decks, beneath the water. There were certain rooms that they also weren't let in.

How did the underground railroad help the slaves?

it gave routes to certain quakers houses and helped them escape the southerners that held them in bondage

How can i find the armor fossils underground?

you need a certain game either perl or diamond bcuz it is only found in that one

Do you have to beat the elite 4 to go into the hallowed tower?

No. hallowed tower is where you find spiritomb when you talk to a certain # of people underground.