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Phone calls comes first before fax received.

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What word did fax come from?

fax came from the word-facsimile.

How to fix faxer when It's been saying it's connected but when I try to fax someone they get a screenshot of my computer page.?

Some suggestions for removing a screen shot while sending a fax is as follows: First, check your settings on your fax machine. You can refer to the manual that came with your fax machine to make sure the settings are correct. Second, you could try reinstalling the software that came with the fax machine.

What is a fax identifier?

It will identify the faxes if it was really came from fax machine or photocopy.

How do you use the word fax in a sentence?

Some sentences using the word 'fax' could be:Have you got my fax details?I will fax you their addressSubmit applications by fax only

Could lexmark x 2480 fax if yes how and what is fax with PC modem?

The answer is yes,i had mine for a year before i had to send a fax. all i know is a fax could'nt be sent unless i connected the cable between the dial up port at the back of the computer to the phone socket in the house,i was told it is because i could not use the fax via broadband. well that was what i was told & now it works ok. Hope this helps.

Can you know who sent a fax if the fax was not printed?

If the fax was received and not printed: the fax number of the sending party would likely be in the fax log. If the fax was sent when the line was busy or wasn't received by the fax machine - there's no way of telling.

Where can i get a free fax American fax no?

I don't know if you can avail of a free fax number today. But there are internet fax providers who could provide you with a fax number. Although this may not be free but its very affordable.Several companies are reviewed and provide free trials from the links below.AnswerLocal phone companies offer fax numbers. Also virtual PBX providers include internet fax number when you subscribe for the service.

How do you print on a fax machine?

Usually the fax machine is half printer, but if it isn't you could always send a fax to it, and it will print out.

How do you know you already send a fax on fax machine?

You would either have a confirmation page confirming that the fax was sent, or it would be stored in the transmission log of the fax machine.

Could you be pregnant even if your period came on time but light then stopped?

How do you know if your pregrant if your period came on???

Are fax cover sheets really necessary?

It depends on who you fax to. It is necessary if you fax to someone you never talk to or a group cause no cover may cause your fax missing. But if it's for someone you know, then the cover can be ignored.

What is meant by fax ink cartridges?

I don't know what is meant by fax ink cartridges. What is meant by fax ink cartridges? plz'_'_'__'_"'_'_"'_'_'_'_'_'_''_"'_'_'_" it is not good question ignore ignore

Did the Romans come from Greece?

No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.No, the Romans, as we know them, came from Italy.

How do you send a fax via email?

You need an internet fax service provider. It could be free or with pay. Free is limited.

Could you please tell me how to send fax from France to Australia?

The prefix for Australia is 61 then the area code ?? then the fax number.

Where can one find a computer fax machine?

One could find a computer fax machine in an electronics store, however they could also be accessed from a local public library. Office supply stores can also send faxes, while public calling centres could have a fax facility.

What goods and ideas came from china?

I do not know what this question is but i could say that it is important

When faxing something, what is the way you would do it?

It is a whole lot more complicated to fax by email. It is easier to just fax with a normal fax machine. You will know it gets where it needs to be and it will save you time.

How do you know me is this grammatically correct?

It is correct if you wish to ask someone how they came to know you. You could also ask "Where did we meet" or "How do we know each other?"

How can one fax over VOIP on the internet?

There are many ways that someone could fax over VOIP on the internet. The best way of faxing over VOIP on the internet is to use a fax machine to put the item over the internet to another fax machine.

Are there any free internet fax sites?

"Not that I know of, but the internet changes every often, there may or may not be free fax sites. Fax are mostly used via printer, also you can send ""email"" with documents so this is another method to fax thing."

Why is the fax cover sheet included in the number of pages?

it lets the sender know who the fax is from and all that info so it's counted as a page

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